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  1. They may as well just put Husqvarna in big huge print across the front. Heja HV71! Go Blue Bulls! Blue Bulls? hey, Red Bull, how about sponsoring a Swedish hockey team?.... They're nicknamed the Blue Bulls because of Husqvarna's role as a major timber manufacturer. You make the connection between a giant blue bull and the timber industry...
  2. Well what do the Siants want? Can they get what the they want at 6th? What else can they offer? considering we have no offense----none---give the Saints anything they want. Generators.... Eh, they have power back. Offer them a levee actually worth something maintained and funded by competent people, and you'll have their draft picks for the next 8 years.
  3. Well, they aren't exactly named after Husqvarna. HV71 was formed in... you guessed it, 1971 with the merger of Husqvarna IF and Vatterstads IF. Husqvarna has been the main sponsor since the late 1990s IIRC. Before that it was Mitsubishi Motors. I remember some pictures of it on their official website ( but my Swedish is non-existent, so I can't find it at the moment, as my Swedish-English translator is doing God-knows what in the middle of the night in northern Sweden...
  4. They may as well just put Husqvarna in big huge print across the front. Heja HV71! Go Blue Bulls!
  5. Can't agree more. The ONLY player I could see Houston taking instead of Bush ? and having any success ? is Ferguson to shore up the O-line. But still, they would be absolutely nuts to not take Bush. Reggie Bush >>>>> Dominick Davis. And even if they're comfortable with Davis at RB, Bush is very versatile and could easily play WR, and would certainly be a boost to anyone's kick return game. I just can't fathom why Houston is considering picking Mario Williams, who wasn't even mentioned in the top four or had any national exposure before a week ago and apparently had a couple of good workouts, over Bush, who has been proving his worth over the past few seasons. If they do pick Williams, there's one more statement that has been made that I couldn't agree more with ... No fathoming mate, it's a done deal if the link in this thread is to be believed. This is absolutely unbelieveable. Pass up a talent like that for a DE that will be easily double-teamed? Man...
  6. Hate to be picky, but the lightning bolts on the pants and helmet aren't from the same pattern. The bolts on the pants have shorter strokes and start on the opposite side when compared to the ones on the helmet. I know I'm nitpicking, but hey, isn't that what we do best here?
  7. Green Game A- 1 Game B- - Game C- 1 Game D- 2 Game E- 2 Game F- 2 Game G- 1 Game H- 1 Grey Game A- 1 Game B- 2 Game C- 1 Game D- 1 Game E- 1 Game F- 2 Game G- 2 Game H- 1
  8. Howdy folks. It seems my job in, er copying, the logo for our athletic department was a huge splash. The students and faculty love the logo, but I'm pretty bent out of shape over basically everyone getting excited over a copy job. I was able to convice the coach to work on a secondary logo, which (I hope!) is a lot more original than someone else's logo recoloured. I created two concepts, as you can see below, and was wanting to know what you guys thought. Thanks for the comments in advance.
  9. I usually wear 59Fiftys or Franchise caps in 7 3/8 (I like them kinda loose on my head). I unfortunately lost my 59Fifty Marlins cap, but I do have a Marlins Franchise cap that I am getting good service out of. I also have our school's baseball cap, as well as a Team Slovakia cap I got during the 2 days actually sold them. It's adjustible, but at least the back has an IIHF logo to save the boredom. I also have a CCM Senators cap, but it's too structured for my taste. If there was only a Franchise cap for the Sens...
  10. Yeah, it was pretty bad. No real link to a concept regarding New Orleans, football, or anything in particular.
  11. Hey, I found the logo, though smaller than what I had (). Hat tip to Wikipedia
  12. The one on the left shoulder is for the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet). It has a Viking Boat inside the circle. I had a (relatively) large picture of it, but since moving to this new computer, I can't find it.
  13. What's up with John Tortorella saying how the Sens' weakness is the 3rd period after game 3? They were +50 in the 3rd in the regular season, and are +4 through 3+ 3rd Periods in the series? Was this a little psychological ploy, or is Tortorella seeing something 6 billion people plus aren't seeing?
  14. Switzerland kept theirs the same also. And just to point out, that isn't really a new logo by any means. This version of the Tre Kronor is from the Swedish national coat of arms...
  15. If it was a true european jersey, it would have gigantic ads plastered all over it.
  16. Wasn't it used in the initial push to get the Senators before the logo was created? BTW, found some merchandise with the logo on it: Also, love the barberpole alternates.
  17. Absolutely wonderful SyPhi. Snappy new logo with a much better uniform scheme than they have now. Compared to the original post date, good things come to those who wait.
  18. It gets better... Good thing Langway's last season in the NHL was in 1992-93...
  19. OK, I've been picking away at another try, using the oval and mirroring techniques you guys suggested, and here's what I've got: It's a smidge off here and there, I know, but that's about what I was aiming at for this logo. One last thing I'd like to do is put a border around the entire logo in that colour of blue I have there (Pantone uncoated process 213-1), but I don't know how to create that around all the layers. Alternatively, I just thought about making a semicircle around the head, and put another oval in the back to create the border, which sounds easier imo. Thanks for all the help folks. I wish I could be doing something more original for my school, but noooo, we have to use what the guy at the sporting goods store said we could use. I guess there's always next time...
  20. Hasn't hurt the NFL. Hawaii > Gotham City obviously. Besides, the NFL doesn't have the same need to expand its market like the WNBA.
  21. Have to disagree with the pick of Kurri at No. 2. Now, I love Jari Kurri and everything, but when you look at his stats, it's obvious a lot of his success came from riding shotgun with Gretzky (60% of Kurri's goals came from Gretzky) and later in Edmonton with Messier. Simply put, who would he have played on a line with? Morris Lukowich? Granted, the Jets got Hawerchuk the next season, but taking into account the inflated goal totals of the 1980s and playing with Gretzky, Kurri would have been a 350+ goal man with a better reputation as a two-way forward than he currently has. Check out Kurri's Stats when he was a linemate of either Gretzky or Messier... 80-81 32-43-75 55-109-164 81-82 32-54-86 92-120-212 82-83 45-59-104 71-125-196 83-84 52-61-113 87-118-205 84-85 71-64-135 73-135-208 85-86 68-63-131 52-163-215 86-87 54-54-108 62-121-183 87-88 43-53-96 40-109-149 88-89 44-58-102 33-61-94 89-90 33-60-93 45-84-129 90-91 DNP 91-92 23-37-60 31-90-121 92-93 27-60-87 16-49-65 63-62-125 <----- Because of Gretzky's back injury, Kurri relied on Luc Robatille, no small fry either 93-94 31-46-77 38-92-130 94-95 10-19-29 11-37-48 95-96 18-27-45 <----- Kurri scored 1-4-5 with the Rangers 23-79-102 <----- Gretzky scored 8-13-21 with St. Louis 47-52-99 96-97 13-22-35 97-98 5-17-22
  22. Geez, can't be the Great One...or can it?
  23. Not to be argumentative, just to play devil's advocate: If the three stripes are a design element, then Nike should be allowed to put a border of Swooshes down the sleeves or shorts of a tennis outfit. The three stripes are a direct identifier of adidas. I think that it's a slippery slope. I view it as adidas' logo. If adidas wins this suit, get ready for supersized swooshes like Nadal wore last year. This is a logo: 3 stripes down the side of a pair of shorts is not. from Adidas can play coy all they want. If you see a pair of shorts with 3 stripes, you immediately think Adidas. It's their brand.
  24. For the last time....Nobody lives there now, and those that do can't afford major league baseball tickets. There is also ZERO money available for a major league caliber baseball stadium. I completely agree. Even B.K. (Before Katrina), I wouldn't support putting a team in New Orleans. Let's put it this way. If the state wouldn't pay up for a new stadium/refurbishment for the Superdome, why the heck would the state do it for an MLB team? Don't even ask if the city would do it. They have never done anything for themselves, and merely threw their political weight in Baton Rouge to get benefits for themselves. Though I would begin making rumblings for Baton Rouge to get something with an MSA of nearly 1 million now, but in Baton Rouge, there's LSU, and everything else is just background noise.