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  1. Rick Romo approves of this decision.
  2. Way to think fast Red Sox fan. Too bad the chemicals used to make modern concrete will have the t-shirt eaten into nothingness by the middle of this summer.
  3. Umm...Will? 3 out of 4 English teams are in the semis. Care to re-evaluate your statement? He'll get to it after he reevaluates Memphis' 2007-08 season. And for the record, Arsenal was jobbed by the referee. Legitimate penalty on their part denied at Ashburton Grove and one of the weakest penalties I've ever seen given against them at Anfield. I hope Chelsea massacres Liverpool and drinks the blood of their children in Roman's personal goblets.
  4. I'm tired (pain-in-the-rear parent conference after a horrible day at school will do it to you), so that makes it that much funnier.
  5. No, not $5. I was commenting on how low they'll probably clearance them at when no one here buys them. The "jerseys" are $30, caps are $15, and the balls are IIRC $5-10.
  6. So I'm wandering around the local Target, looking for the Camping gadgets for a portable weather station (None in stock. Curses!) and on the end cap there was something which caught my eye: Manchester United and FC Barcelona merchandise. It wasn't from Nike or anything, but the "jerseys" (generic-looking versions of home and away jerseys), caps, and balls had the clubs' logos and had official merchandise tags and everything. I'm figuring that this is a nationwide thing so check them out if you have the chance. I''ll be waiting until Target figures out that no one in Lafayette cares about soccer, and sells it all for $5 apiece.
  7. Great name, fantastic logo, and delicious colours. A winner all around. So when do I get to order my Thierry Henry kit?
  8. Your best bet for making those words work would be to grab Christopher Lloyd and his Delorean.
  9. Poor ESPN. No more Tyler Hansborough kinkiness for them to shovel onto an unsuspecting public after UNC got throttled by Kansas.
  10. What can I say? I try to keep up with the times so I can be relevant with my students...
  11. Homeslice needs to stop cluttering his maps with too much information.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday began its life as a cricket club that played its matches on Wednesdays. After the club had been established as Sheffield Wednesday for a while did they start a football club.
  13. The goals were fantastic. The better match overall was definitely Arsenal-Liverpool.
  14. What is going on with the shorts in this picture? Abel Xavier had just went to ground to tackle a player and was called for a (-n extremely soft) penalty.
  15. St. Louis may (if the low-level rumblings that haven't quite hit the print media yet) get the Columbus Crew before they get an expansion team. Columbus? Yeah, ok, they don't have the best fan base, but with that stadium, that'd still be crazy. I know that, but I've seen a couple of statements out and about as well as Glenn Davis mentioning it on his weekly show. Like you, I agree with what he said right after mentioning the rumour: fan base should be better, but with a stadium like that, they still should be good to go, especially when looking at some other clubs' situations.
  16. Tweet! What does el Jefe know? He can't even get his team out of Olympic qualifiers...
  17. Seattle Sounders vote here. Subliminal messaging going on here? Look at the Flash animation on the Seattle MLS website and look at what all the fans are wearing...
  18. St. Louis may (if the low-level rumblings that haven't quite hit the print media yet) get the Columbus Crew before they get an expansion team.
  19. Since no one's posted them, the new Holland home kit. Yummy. (Image courtesy of Voetbal International)
  20. Actually, those look to be the new MLS set, complete with MLS logo at the bottom. Weird. I asked someone with the Dynamo about it and they told me the old fonts were going to be around for one more season. Tricky buggers...
  21. good they didn't take off the real numbers off of Walcott's shorts. Regarding the "new" Arsenal shirt, they remind me a lot of the 1998-2002 kits, albeit without the true white sleeves.
  22. Er, these matches are friendlies, so they aren't using the official MLS number and letterings set. Same thing for Houston and DC United in their CONCACAF Champions Cup matches this past week.
  23. Yeah, Chelsea (500 million since Abramovich took over, with 300 million spent in 2003 alone), Manchester United (72 million this past summer), and Liverpool (40 million this season) don't spend money...
  24. Then you'll catch it from Hearts supporters. But that's OK. Most folks can't understand Lithuanian anyway...