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  1. The pre-Jacques Martin Ottawa Senators appreciate your oversight.
  2. Quoted for truth. Preseason Friendlies? Sure. The Community Shield? Fantastic. Regular season matches involving the whole that mean something, much less in the middle of the season? Silly.
  3. I'm pretty much a Philistine when it comes to dissecting play calling, but the Patriots offence looked to me this season more like a generic college spread offence with a single deep threat and a not-quite-existential running game. By comparison Martz's offence was much more vertically oriented and was much more willing to hand the ball off than the Patriots seemed to be.
  4. I took them outright the first time. Why would I change my mind in any subsequent rematches? I was too busy playing computer games to watch most of the game last night, but I watched it this morning and what the Giants did was what I was waiting for someone to do all along at once, namely (1) The opposition pass rush got to Brady without the need for blitzing. (2) The opposition defence was able to be as physical with the Patriots' receivers as the Pats were traditionally against opposition (3) The opposing QB made the Patriots blink with his gutsy play No one got to Brady this season (24 sacks all season long), and as a result, the offence clicked along without skipping a beat. It's obvious that the Patriots did not have a Plan B in terms of play calling. Was it a result of a lack of imagination or hubris on the part of the Patriots' play callers? That is something to debate.
  5. Server issues last night kept me from giving honour where honour is due.
  6. People call the Immaculate Reception the greatest play ever, but who among us will not call that play an archetype of luck? BTW, the muted comments by some certain loudmouths amuses me.
  7. I spoke with a head of a fairly large telecom firm that's based in Mandeville (on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain for those unfamiliar with the area) and based on his work and the word on the street, the folks who are back are all that's coming back, 30 months afterward. That doesn't include who may be moving out over the next couple of years. As he put it, half of the city's area will never return to pre-August 2005 development levels (Granted, that's the famous/infamous Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East, areas that weren't exactly cutting edge before then) because there is no incentive to redevelop there. Keeping that in mind, why try to keep a team in a city that in its current economic condition (regardless of the reasons behind said conditions) simply can not support it? For the record, I have no clue how this hasn't hit the press, but ChevronTexaco bought a 400 acre piece of land just north of I-10 in the Lafayette area about 90 days ago. A corporation like ChevronTexaco doesn't just buy 400 acres that close to urban development and major transportation arteries for no apparent reason. ----- Regarding the Hornets, if I was running the Hornets, I'd have it in writing with Oklahoma City officials that the day after the NBA's imposed deadline for attendance growth passes, the team is on the move to OKC. The city welcomed them with open arms and supported them all that time knowing that thy would move back. Personally, the best reward for such hospitality would be giving them the team, rather than Seattle.
  8. Someone else is subscribed to MLS Magazine I see...
  9. Me too! And as for the annual membership, yes, it is annual, but with 50k folks ponying up 35 quid apiece, that's about $3.5 million (1.75 million Pounds Sterling) a year going into the club's coffers off the top, which is quite a handy kitty where most clubs of similar size are lucky to have that in terms of gross income in a year. IMO a yearly membership fee would be a slam dunk way to keep your franchise well-funded.
  10. I think he's well on his way to being the first CCSLC Stupid Post of the Day Laureate.
  11. In a broom closet on a secluded hallway in Rockefeller Center, NBC Sports execs are sobbing not-so-quietly.
  12. Yeah, all Europeans are the same. Just ask a Frenchman what he thinks of Polish people, or Germans and Russians for that matter.
  13. Fricasse too. Oh, and The Main Street of the Rockies too
  14. Wouldn't it be easier to save it in .eps format?
  15. Why even try? He can't even comprehend that you can use two different subjects and make comparisons based on their similarities?
  16. Well-placed comparison there. For the record, I'm grading a paper about Musketeers at the moment, so you get a star for being relevant to what I'm doing.
  17. This statement should be stickied for everyone to read.
  18. Nothing of substance to this thread, but... Sheer genius.
  19. If you get a shirt in the wrong size will you get charged a 15% restocking fee by an ill-tempered moron behind the counter when you try to bring it back?
  20. Gosh-darn Trekkies. Use proper obscure references, like Jovian Chronicles!
  21. The fact that Bert Blyleven still remains outside of the Hall of Fame shows just how incompetent the votership is. The easiest way to solve that problem involves backs to the wall and a whiff of grapeshot, but unfortunately no one's helping me out to limber the cannons...