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  1. With a National Champion-calibre roster? That's what was the beef with Zook: He was getting Top 5 talent into the school, but wasn't getting ther potential out of them.
  2. No, Zook is as advertised. He can recruit to no tomorrow (Look at the 2006 Florida roster), but could only get to the Outback Bowl with those buckets of talent. Enter Meyer, and they're national champions in Year 2. But hey, at least he gets his 8 hours of sleep by sleeping 4 hours fast...
  3. They're adding Florida and Arkansas as members? My Top 5 1. LSU 2. Georgia 3. Southern California 4. West Virginia 5. Missouri/Kansas in a coin toss.
  4. Look at it this way: LSU and Georgia could finish 1-2 in the final polls, just to spite the non-SEC folks..... You see, I was willing to set aside my perfectly reasonable loathing of LSU to accept that line of reasoning, but the following happened: (1) After the final, the locals did their best Gaza Strip impression by shooting off fireworks and shooting guns () and shouting LSU WOOHOO after 2300 local time. (2) On the way to work, a fellow decided to tailgate me with his brights on for a good 5 miles. As he passed me, I saw his 4x4 truck was purple and gold and plastered with LSU stickers and flags. Thankfully, he zipped by me (I was going 60 in a 55, for the record) right in front of a State Trooper, who gave him his own form of gold-coloured paperwork.
  5. Could you please explain that comment a little further? Yes the punch Downie threw was late and unsportsmanlike, but it was a very physical game lots of hitting and players crashing the net late and a lot scrums after the whistle. Are we even talking about this if it any other player involved? Easiest way to answer this: NHL suspends Flyers tough guy Riley Cote three games and warns team Riley Cote will sit out the next three contests. The Canadian Press 2007-12-03 20:48:29 TORONTO - The NHL has suspended another Philadelphia Flyers player and told the club to clean up its act. Tough guy Riley Cote got a three-game suspension for a vicious elbow on Matt Niskanen of the Dallas Stars late in a 4-1 loss Saturday night. Cote got a match penalty on the play. He's the fifth Flyer this season to get suspended following Steve Downie, Jesse Boulerice, Randy Jones and Scott Hartnell. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and league disciplinarian Colin Campbell held a conference call with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren on Monday. "They're all different in their own right (the suspensions), but the fact that it's happened this number of times to us and hasn't happened to a lot of other teams, it's concerning to the league as it is to us," Holmgren told The Canadian Press. "We've just got to play a little smarter. We want to play a hard game, an aggressive game, a physical game, but there's been instances where we've crossed the line. "And we've just got to play more of a smart, physical game." So from now on, the Flyers are on watch. "We were kind of put on notice more than anything and that's fine," Holmgren said from his Philadelphia office. "We understand the consequences and we've just got to be a smarter team." The Flyers' other suspensions: -Hartnell got two games for checking Bruins defenceman Andrew Alberts in the head in a game last Monday. -Jones was given a two-game suspension after he sent Boston's Patrice Bergeron face-first into the boards on Oct. 27. Bergeron hasn't returned to action since he broke his nose and sustained a concussion as a result of the hit. -Boulerice was handed a 25-game suspension for his cross-check to the face of Vancouver's Ryan Kesler in an Oct. 10 game. -Downie got 20 games after flying down the ice, jumping through the air and delivering a hit to the head of Ottawa's Dean McAmmond during a pre-season game.
  6. You have failed me, Universe. All I asked for was a killer asteroid to wipe those cretins out once and for all, yet you could not even do that for me!
  7. Well, I had to clear out some work first, but here we go, at least a Beta version:
  8. A Philly player doing something dirty? Shocked! Shocked I say!
  9. Show you how relevant I think Conference USA is...
  10. Army is a member of Conference USA.
  11. Well, Hawai'i can go back to their traditional 1-10 ways now!
  12. I'm not too sure about that because of Boise St.'s win last season as well as Utah's win in 2004. The Mid-Majors can bring it...just not if they're bringing the run-n-shoot...
  13. Croatia needs to stick with the full white bib on the back of their kits. Any other way looks (more) obnoxious.
  14. You should agree with me more. Among the side effects are clear thinking, increased vision quality, and improved regularity!
  15. Fine then. How about the looks of that thumping at the hands of Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship Game now?
  16. Of course, but it isn't like Arkansas was the Arkansas that beat LSU. It was fairly obvious that only one team was up for playing that game. Arkansas fans and alumni were happier that Houston Nutt et al. were on their way out than being in the Cotton Bowl.
  17. It just occurred to me. Missouri fans are getting all giddy over beating a team that obviously did not look inspired to play coached by coaches who were coaching their last game because they're all bailing out on the school to follow the coach that was fired before the game. Anyone think this this enthusiasm may be a little misplaced?
  18. After going back and rereading it, I have to change my stance: The first sentence is a definitive statement about a subject, then the next sentences go off in a completely different direction. As a result, there's no need to keep them in the quote to give context because they only have a tenuous connection with the one I quoted. here's why: <Teacher Mode> Statement one states that Southern California is not going to the BCS Championship Game because they aren't very sportsmanlike Statement two says that penalties can change the course of a game Statement three says that because Southern California allegedly acts like subhumans, they will continue to get penalized Statements two and three do not support statement one because there is no evidence to support the statement that the reason why Southern California is not in the BCS Championship Game is because they aren't sportsmanlike.1 As a result, there is no reason to quote them because they are of no use to the statement being quoted. After all, to quote a rather strange teacher I once had, you don't tell someone that you'll be serving them beef for a meal and then serve them a plate of grilled hoof. Sure, it was once a part of a cow, but that doesn't make it beef. </Teacher Mode> -------------------- 1In the grand scheme of things, unsportsmanlike conduct is not very high on the list of the reasons Pete Carroll has written down to improve on to get into the BCS Championship Game.
  19. Yeah, I heard Steven Gerrard had a pretty good one...
  20. If I wanted to use sweeping generalisations, I would have merely asked to see your hubcap collection...
  21. It's perfectly in context. The next paragraph goes on to support the initial statement, which makes them surplus to requirements. Speaking of which... So how many of Southern California's losses the past, oh, let's be generous here, decade, came as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties? If the reason they're not in the BCS Championship Game is because of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, then they should be easy to find, no?
  22. I would support Liverpool, but I don't have a propensity for an imaginary sense of moral superiority and beating my chest over my club's glory days which occurred over a quarter-century ago.
  23. *ahem* ...clearly states that you think that sportsmanship is a prerequisite to going to the BCS Championship Game. Not my fault that I can read. (OK, it is.)
  24. Everton is a great side to support. Really nice fans, a strong club on the rise, and none of the bitter aftertaste that comes with supporting the red half of Liverpool.