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  1. Hey mods! Quick question - My men's league team is looking to add a sublimated third jersey to our home and road's and I was thinking of holding a design contest where the winner would get a jersey based on their design. Is that within the rules? And if so, would I just post about it in the Concept forum? Thanks for your help!
  2. Your work is amazing, and that template (as someone else said) is the best I've seen. Brings the jerseys to life. Great stuff!
  3. The Nolan-era Sharks jerseys are my favorite set they've worn. The whites especially, they're one of my favorite jerseys of all time.
  4. because changing the number outline somehow invalidates the team jersey you currently own? most people expect to get more than one season of "accuracy" when they buy a newly re-designed uniform. and since stars authentics weren't made available until around new years anyway, that's only a couple months of accuracy for my nichushkin sweater (assuming the numbers ARE changing, and on both sweaters.) still, i'm not convinced they've made any changes. if they still don't have the number font correct, and they're still using the wrong cut with rounded shoulders, why are we taking their number outlines as gospel? The thing about EA, while the jerseys aren't always 100% correct, they don't traditionally make mistakes with colors. Last year they had the Stars jerseys correct (in terms of no outline around numbers). I don't see them randomly adding an outline without being prompted. I could be wrong, but I can't think of any examples. I agree though, I'd be livid if I bought a Stars jersey last year and they changed the numbers this year. That being said, I'd welcome the black outline, think it would look sharp.
  5. Have there been any pictures released of what the name/number font looks like on the Canada jerseys?
  6. I heard some second hand information during the third jersey selection process that they had a black jersey designed with the red C, and it was very popular amongst the staff and those who saw it, but Ken King put the kibosh on it because he wanted the jersey to be red. Not sure if there's any truth to it but, yeah...
  7. At the Flames game last night, they were randomly showing sneak peak videos of the new Flames third with the date 10/27. The few images they did show seemed to be consistent with what was leaked by EA.
  8. Agreed. It's really too bad they didn't keep the home/road jerseys consistent. Those white's looked really sharp last night, and the red's would look equally as good with similar trim. Not sure what they were thinking.
  9. Just wanted to note that in EA NHL 14, the Flames have a blanked out slot for an alternate in the jersey selections. Odd that nothing has been announced by the team, but it looks like we have yet another jersey revealing to look forward to. Not sure if it was ever mentioned here, but earlier this summer Calgary (and possibly other) retailers were selling Flames alternate jerseys for next to nothing. Sport Chek listed them as "discontinued" jerseys.
  10. 1. Red Wings 2. Flames 3. Avalanche 28. Canucks 29. Senators 30. Kings
  11. I'm a really big fan of the webbed D logo the Ducks use on their current thirds. I think it's pretty tough to have a name like the Ducks and not have a cartoonish logo. I don't necessarily like the jersey designs of any of their current jerseys, but I think that logo is a keeper.
  12. I've bought from Full Moon before, and was happy with what I got. The biggest thing is that the name and numbers, on the Reebok jerseys anyway, are tackle twill. I think some people may be expecting fully sewn on numbers and are disappointed when they get the jersey. My one suggestion would be, if he's got a jersey that you're looking to buy, wait for him to put it up for auction. You can really get them for a great price in an auction. I bought a Rangers Shanahan and a Flyers Carter through auction for $15 and $12 respectively.
  13. Yeah that SENS wordmark is actually not bad looking, but should not be used as a logo. In that respect, it looks awful. It's just mind boggling that they've got these two (nice) logos (2D, and 'O') and they didn't use them. I still laugh whenever I think of these new jerseys as Super Nintendo Entertainment System jerseys. Now, that 'O' concept jersey is beautiful. I'm not even close to being a Senators fan, but I would buy that jersey. I've seen concepts before that I've liked, for the most part because it's just something different, but that Senators concept is the best I've seen. It's something I'm surprised didn't get pushed through to become their actual jersey. Just fantastic...
  14. 1. L 2. C 3. D I tried to not be swayed by the nice presentation of the Bills concept. Either way, very nice job.