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  1. I think these are kind of boring. I like the new uni's but they just need a few tweaks to really pop and be great.
  2. I don't really like the primary logo on the chest of the home uni. The Small writing doesn't look good in that spot. Just the NY logo would look better IMHO.
  3. I don't like the pro combat templates in general, but if you made the numbers white and the side panel of the pants white, it would look much better.
  4. Does anyone know a way to do this in inkscape? thanks
  5. I've seen a lot of similar fonts, but does anyone know the exact font of this one? thanks
  6. Does anyone have the michigan helmet template for the standard helmet template? thanks
  7. Based on this picture you can see that the cool flo helmets do have less padding then the standard helmets. When Chipper Jones first saw the Cool flo he said he would never use it because it looked much less safe. Apparently he has changed his mind though because I have seen him wearing it recently. My solution to the problem would be to use the existing plastic shell and just change the padding on the inside. There has to be some material out there that is better than what they currently use. You can see the padding doesn't even line the entire helmet. That would help too. Wright was hit above the headband padding and below the top padding from what I saw in pictures and the video. If there was padding there maybe his injury wouldn't have been a severe. Obviously we will get used to any changes that are made but why should we have to settle for a second rate solution?
  8. Me too. The Mets are one of only two teams that can pull off that look in my book, and I'd love to see them go back. Or, rather, somehow bring that style of stripes into the 21st century. (Step 1 would be to start with raglan sleeves.) Just out of curiosity, what is the other team that you think could pull it off? Also, I wouldn't worry about them being revived. They wore them a couple of times in 2002 and most recently in August of 2006 vs. Colorado on a Saturday Night/Sunday Afternoon on "20th Anniversary Weekend" of their '86 title. It's not like they have a Brewers "retro Fridays" or "Sunday uniforms" movement that is gathering any steam... This is what they need. I would have them wearing these at home. Current roads minus black with a blue cap. and then the black alts no more than once a week. Thats a winning combination.
  9. Univers, either Extra Bold or Black. Thank you very much! Do you know any free Univers extra black
  10. My advice is to go to a big baseball store if you have one in your area and just try on different gloves. I have used pro preferred and hoh Rawlings gloves before but my favorite glove, and I am very picky about gloves, is a $69 Louisville Slugger. I wouldn't buy a glove online because you might not like it. In regards to breaking it, in only put lanolin on it if you want to put something You can buy some cream or shaving cream with lanolin works fine. Don't put oil. It makes it heavy and doesn't do much.
  11. I like yours better and would love to see your update.