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  1. And the rabbit hole just got deeper. If they knew about this *%$# back then then that means the cover up has been going on for 40 or so years.
  2. Well it seems like the death penalty won't be enforced which is a huge disappointment. The NCAA once again showed that $$$$ is most important and Penn State won't take the statue down. I think there needs to be vandalism on a massive scale from fans of opposing teams in order to shame the creepy cult "Happy Valley" JoePa worshiping sheep.
  3. Raging debate on OTL right now.
  4. Everything about Penn State has always creeped me out for some reason. I personally find their fans to be creepier than Raiders fans for their thinking of JoePa like a saint and this weird **** Even their mascot creeps me out It's always reminded me of this for some reason
  5. Face it, if the red/yellow Hawks had a McDonalds logo across their chest it would look completely normal. Um, no. Either darken the red or make the "Gold" gold.
  6. Face it, if the red/yellow Hawks had a McDonalds logo across their chest it would look completely normal.
  7. I agree that I don't like the McDonald's color scheme, but I think those Hawks unis are still not as good as these ones: I'm not a fan of the font. And this just goes to show that the rwb color scheme was used before, I'm guessing that's not when they were based in Atlanta though right?
  8. People want to bring it back because 1) It was currently unique in the NBA, and 2) It's what the Hawks had historically worn. Teams shouldn't just change their colors for the hell of it after wearing them for the past 30-40 years. Also, they went to the most overdone color combos in pro sports. Oh, and colors aside, everything about the current uniforms and logos is really bad. I respectfully disagree with their identity being really bad. Also unique doesn't necessarily mean good in my eyes. They might as well have had the bench eating big macs the whole game for promotion.
  9. Greatest Hawks uniform of all time. I don't understand why anyone would want to bring back the McDonalds color scheme or the outdated Dominique era jerseys (Face it the tilted numbers/team name sucks.
  10. Not necessarily bad, just bland. For Joshua Tree they should've had a picture of the actual Joshua Tree with a simple and small "U2" in one of the corners. Apologies for the HUGE pictures.
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