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  1. Bar none the greatest jerseys Oregon has ever worn. I'm in awe.
  2. Sir Paul McCartney IS old! With all the pop music, this "Opening Ceremony" was more like a "Closing Ceremony" in terms of a presentation. It was more like a World Cup opening than previous Olympic Games. The end will have more and will probably feature Coldplay, Keane and possibly The Killers. And again, Brit Pop > American Pop. ....The Killers are from Las Vegas, Nevada...... Also does anyone else think it's odd they played "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols?
  3. It's for any collegiate sport really. I just posted two football rivalries because I'm most familiar with college football.
  4. I was thinking about this earlier about how conference expansion is going to create new rivalries and am curious to see what you guys think. Here's what I think. Texas A&M - Arkansas Texas A&M - Alabama
  5. Prepare for the Hawks to go back to the Dominique Wilkin's pacman jerseys only to slap a McDonalds logo on it.
  6. And the rabbit hole just got deeper. If they knew about this *%$# back then then that means the cover up has been going on for 40 or so years.
  7. Well it seems like the death penalty won't be enforced which is a huge disappointment. The NCAA once again showed that $$$$ is most important and Penn State won't take the statue down. I think there needs to be vandalism on a massive scale from fans of opposing teams in order to shame the creepy cult "Happy Valley" JoePa worshiping sheep.
  8. Raging debate on OTL right now.
  9. Everything about Penn State has always creeped me out for some reason. I personally find their fans to be creepier than Raiders fans for their thinking of JoePa like a saint and this weird **** Even their mascot creeps me out It's always reminded me of this for some reason
  10. Has anyone else concluded that concert posters are far more badass than album covers? Especially DKNG. Their Iron and Wine, Portlandia, and Explosions in the Sky blow me away.