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  1. My thoughts on the NHL Greatest Uniform fan voting. For the most part the fans got the voting right. Just a few comments #1 Chicago Blackhawks, it would be a crime if this wasn't the choice. The white sweater is actually my favorite. #2 Hartford Whalers, #4 Quebec Nordiques, #5 Minnesota North Stars, all deserving of those spots #3 Anaheim Mighty Ducks, makes no sense, gotta be one of the worst uniforms #10 Winnepeg Jets, boring uniform, the #14 Jets (79-90) was far superior #13 Vegas Golden Knights, already a classic #25 Colorado Rockies, loved them, but never saw them wear blue pants. Anyone have any other pics with them?
  2. Does anyone have the link to a corporate log site that I have seen posted on the forum before. It contained not only sportslogos but also logos of corporations, events and other. Thanks TH