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  1. Not sure if this has been covered yet, but it looks like the Iowa Hawkeyes made their logo a little bigger this year, or perhaps just thicker around the edges. Seems like a pretty random change, but here is a comparison between this year and last. 2019 2018
  2. They have worn the Los D-Backs jerseys once every season since 2008. They always do it on a Saturday, when they would normally be wearing the black alternates, so the Spanish jerseys have also always been black.
  3. PSSBL? No way, I have been in the Rocky Division of that league for years! As one who ends up keeping score in the dugout often, I know the feeling. I might have to look into making one of those. Awesome work!
  4. Looks like a team that can't decide whether to go retro or modern, or whether to embrace Chief Wahoo or ditch him, so they thought "let's just do everything!" I have gotten used to seeing all the different alternate jerseys different teams use lately, but do they really need 4 caps?
  5. Anyone notice this beauty? I must admit, though, that I have bought a couple soccer jerseys from less than reputable sources. All my baseball jerseys are (to my knowledge) authentic, but I have much more experience with them, so I know how to spot a fake one. Soccer jerseys I know a lot less about, plus they are harder to find in the US for decent prices, so that is why I went that route.
  6. The font may be generic, but I immediately thought of the Seahawks when seeing it.
  7. They also said maybe for Champions League games, Open Cup, or whenever they feel like a change in MLS games, too. I personally hope they wear them as infrequenetly as possible. Like never.
  8. The Mariners have done it when it was a hot and sticky day in places like Chicago in the middle of summer. The BP jerseys have always been lighter, but I assumed this would stop once all the Cool Base jerseys became available. I don't mind it every now and then, just to change things up.
  9. The A's getting rid of the all green road helmet was so that they wouldn't have to carry another set of helmets on the road with them. So partly a money thing, but also just to make things easier. Of course, getting rid of the entire black set would be the easiest, but that's another story. At least it is not as bad as the 1998 Diamondbacks, who had a completely different logo on their home helmets that didn't appear on a single cap (the snake "D" would become the road cap logo in 1999). Their road helmets at least had the same logo as the caps, but with a different colored bill. So nothing ever matched the cap, home or away, the entire season.
  10. Wasn't there an issue before about the NCAA being very protective of their logos, and that is why this site has very little as far as colleges go? I think I remember something about that, but I could be wrong.
  11. You can see that both teams are wearing white pants in the game footage. That is actually a common complaint about the game, that you can't wear alternate jerseys on the road with gray pants. Unless it is a specific "road" alt jersey, it will always be paired with white pants.
  12. I always hate it when I see cards like this. I would much rather see Cliff Lee still in a Phillies uniform, then wait for an updated card in Series 2. I can understand cards from before Photoshop and fancy computer tools looking like crap, but when today's efforts still look terribly forced, it just looks cheap and ugly. I remember a few years ago, I think it was when Giambi went to the Yankees, they had him in a road Yankees uniform, but the picture was obviously taken the year before when the A's Yankee Stadium. If you really need to be the first to get a picture of a guy in a new uniform, just use one from the press conference holding up the jersey, or get him in for a studio shot. Anything but a crappy Photoshop attempt!
  13. I don't have any particular affinity for Bobcats, but I think Flight would be a huge step down. I do kind of like the logo where the trail of the plane makes a "CF," though. Dragons could work, but none of those logos really do it for me.
  14. Profit or not, a sale is a sale. As soon as you hand your work over to someone else in return for money (no matter the amount, or how much more it cost you to make it), you have crossed that line. Granted, the level of profit can come into play when determining damages, or if the trademark owner will ever find out in the first place, but it won't change the legality of it.
  15. I am a lawyer, and I know a bit about copyright, but I am no expert. This is both a copyright and trademark issue, as the actual logos themselves are protected by trademark law. Copyright would apply to the actual artwork itself, such as the design and layout of the poster. There are copyright exceptions allowed for school purposes, such as being able to bypasss digital restrictions to splice a piece from a DVD to show in class. As long as this remains solely "in class," I wouldn't be too worried. As soon as you cross into that commercial area, that is where problems would arise, even if it just began as a class assignment. It doesn't matter so much where the idea came from, but how it affects the owner of the mark (logo) in a commerical setting. For trademark law, the key test is whether a potential consumer would be confused into thinking the owner of the mark was affiliated with the product or licensed its use. This is almost always a case-by-case basis, so there is no set standard to apply.