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  1. Probably not, no $ has changed hands yet. More likely the Ouster of Charlie Samuels effect
  2. all the Yankee rings back to 77 have "Tradition" on them.
  3. Posted this earlier in the request forum, but didnt get any responses, maybe this is the better place. Looking to ID the font, on the old Shibe Park exterior. I know I've seen something similar elsewhere but can't find it:
  4. Groundbreaking in Brooklyn is Thursday March 11. Think the last of the eminenent domain suits was cleared 2 weeks ago.
  5. jerkstore

    The New USFL

    Only real problem was that Hamilton was a New Yorker, who was pretty much out of Gov't when the Capitol moved to DC. (and then was killed). It is a cool logo though.
  6. Umm the Yankees def didn't win 125 games in 2001. That ring must be from 1998. Just an FYI, I'm fairly certain this is just a prototype 1998 ring, its got nothing to do with 2001 anyway.
  7. I just really launched the World Series Rings site to the public in the begining of October (thats why you probably missed it before). Had I known this tread was here in the first place, it would have saved me some time looking for some of these.
  8. Only thought is its a 'fauxback' to the soem of the old NY Ginats uniforms from the teens. They had the big N and Y on seperate sides of the chest like that. I'll have to look at dressed to the nines.
  9. This place is little PC i guess. Whatever. Go in any bar and order an Irsih bomb, and they'll know what your talking about....
  10. Check out the Logo I made for my brother's fantasy team:
  11. Obviously these people didnt understand that commandment... I gotta say this is really damn funny...
  12. Comparison of Brick to current red for Phils: phils brick they could probably pull this off with hardly anyone noticing.
  13. Just referring to Icecaps comment about Sharks in NY waters, 100% incorrect. There are Tons of sharks inthe Northeast, very large mako populations.
  14. 1992 San Diego was actaully the first colored stitch allstar ball, My brother has all the ASG balls going back to 1976
  15. other colored stitches games: Mets vs. Padres in Monterray Mexico had red and Green stitches. (like 94 or 95) Mickey Mantle day at Yankee Stadium, Navy Blue stiches
  16. I believe all the seats there do have cupholders Bear in mind, you can't bring an umbrella into the stadium, i thought that was kinda of odd when i went.
  17. Florida Marlins, mark it down
  18. Friend of mine with NHL connections, (take that with a grain of salt, I know people probably say that alot). mentioned that the Caps new logo is something along the lines of an eagle that is shaped like a big W. Personally i cant picture it, just mentioning it.
  19. Yeah, you're right on that, Must have been painted some point mid-60s. Ive seen color shots from the early 60s in green, but the pics from the last season b4 renovation are definetly blue.