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    Steelers Refresh

    I think a great update would be matte helmets with new number font on jerseys and a new pants stripe, done!
  2. New Orleans Knights sounds good but I don't think it relates to the region. What about the Krewe?
  3. I hope not! Current uniform is way better. Somehow, I see the Saints getting a very UCF-ish treatment from Nike.
  4. I'd vote for this! Nice work.
  5. Is this the opening day super bowl champs patch?
  6. Took a shot at one for ya. THANKS!!!
  7. someone do a Saint's helmet. please.
  8. i love the helmet. wish they were wearing orange pants though. too much white.
  9. Or would it be because you can't put stripes on it? I like this idea, but it looks like you got the Schutt ION template and pasted a logo on top... ofcourse I did?! Did you expect me to build a helmet, paint it by hand and take a photo?
  10. I think I like the original better. I wouldnt put stripes on it. I like this ultra minimal, just my opinion.
  11. I loved the Oregon black helmets! Im not really up for a change to the Saints helmet in the future but the matte black helmets are so cool IMO that Id allow it.
  12. I think they should do a complete overhaul. The new unis should not look like the lions of old if they want to get a REAL fresh start. I like the mockup someone posted with the blue helmets. I also like the idea of maybe a graphite colored helmet - charcoal grey maybe.
  13. Am I the only one who thought this was the ugliest logo and uniforms in all of sports history!?! Not AWESOME!
  14. Im almost 100% happy with the new hornets uniforms... except for the aways. Here's what I'd do ( and I've read others mention this too). They look sooo much better with white wordmarks! Hopefully they change this next year.
  15. I've seen more pics of the hornets uniforms and I like them but the Nola on the rear bugs me. I like it on the court but not on the unis. Hopefully they'll lose it next year.
  16. Uh... No... check out the neck on these. they seem to follow the curved taper of the illustration.
  17. this is from bee mail. I think these are the official unis and the pictures weve seen closeups are replicas,- notice the diffreence in necks. So a real good official picture of the set is yet to be seen