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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this strange, uncertain time. Since I've had more time on my hands than usual, I decided to revisit an extensive MLB project I began a while back. The premise is simple: What if each MLB team (except, of course, the Yankees) began adopting alternate uniforms starting in the 1960s? Rather than just choose an arbitrary year, I decided on 1963 as my specific starting point as that was the year the Kansas City Athletics introduced their solid green and gold uniforms. Some designs will be inspired by teams' era-appropriate batting practice jerseys, while others will be completely original. Also, teams with co-dominant colors (such as the Pirates and their black and gold) will get multiple alternates, one for each color. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if I neglect to include a particular look from any team's post-1963 history--no matter how brief--please do not hesitate to point it out. I briefly considered posting teams by era, but given how convoluted that would become (some teams might introduce an alternate in the '70s and wear it for 20 years, while others might have one for only two or three seasons in the '60s, for instance) I ultimately decided to just go team by team in alphabetical order. Since the D-Backs were born in the era of alternates, we'll start instead with the Braves. C&C appreciated! BRAVES HOME ALT (1966-71) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1966-71) BRAVES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-75) BRAVES HOME ALT (1976-86) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1976-86) BRAVES HOME ALT (2000s)* *The Braves introduce a gold home alt in the 2000/2010s because why not? I think it looks cool. I didn't do any late '80s-early 2000s alternates as they would look more or less the same as their current alternates. C&C appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone, A few weeks ago in the MLB changes for 2019 thread, @NicDB suggested the Brewers wear their powder blue road throwbacks when they play AL opponents. That gave me the idea that it might be interesting if both the Brewers and Astros, the other team with a past life in a different league, wore special throwback uniforms for inter-league play. But rather than straight throwbacks, I thought it might be more fun if each team received a new home and road alt that paid tribute to their full history in their original league, incorporating elements from many different eras, even the less popular and more short-lived ones. And with that, I came up with some designs and I'm pretty happy with the results. Enjoy! BREWERS HOME: BREWERS ROAD: - The Brewers home set is a pullover design that uses a simplified version of the home script and numbers from their '94-96 look, and the BiG logo makes an appearance as a sleeve patch. - The home cap features a gold front panel and their '97-99 cap logo in royal blue. - The road set is powder blue and uses the team's 1990-93 script in yellow, as a nod to the team's '70-71 uniforms. - The road sleeve stripes are from their 1970 road set, a holdover from their Seattle Pilots days. ASTROS HOME: ASTROS ROAD: - The Astros home set is a pinstriped version of their orange-heavy '71-74 uniforms. The star on the cap and jersey design is from their '94-99 era look, and the number style on both sets comes from their 1975 uniforms. - The road set uses the dark cream color from their '83-93 road uniforms and a simplified version of their '01-12 "Houston" script. - I didn't want to go full tequila sunrise for either set, so I used a variation on the sleeve stripes from their '80-93 uniforms. C&C appreciated!
  3. Here’s a weird idea I had… I’m not sure I’ll be able to accurately describe what I was thinking, but let me try. It started when I posted a Falcons’ concept in NFL Concepts thread. It was in response to someone jokingly suggesting that I was destroying my reputation as a grump traditionalist by designing so many modern looking uniforms. So I set about to make a uniform that fit all the obvious criteria of a uniform like the ones worn by Green Bay, Indy, Chicago, etc… a modern uniform that is a logical evolution of a look that was originally established in the 60’s. I gave myself these “rules”; only two colors, only one pair of pants, Braisher stripes on the pants, matching jersey and socks stripes, and no jersey wordmark. What I came up with looked like this; At the same time I started thinking about this idea we have in the NHL right now of the so-called “Original Six Dress Up”… in which a team without an old time Hockey tradition apes the design of a team that does. The most obvious example would be the Tampa Bay Lightning wearing the Redwings uniform in blue, but these are other examples. So my idea is this; can I design uniforms for the nine NFL teams that have started playing since the first Super Bowl in 66, giving them looks that might better fit a team from the pre-super bowl era. No throwbacks, or even “faux-backs” exactly… these would be uniforms that a more recent franchise might choose if they were trying to get the feel of a team from the 50’s or 60’s. I guess a better name for this thread would be “Pre-Super Bowl Era Dress Up” but that seemed a little unwieldy. Anyway the rules again are as follows; Only two colors for each team (I broke this rule once, for the Titans) Braisher stripes on the pants in most cases Matching stripes on the jersey and socks No jersey wordmarks One pair of pants (rule broken for the Bengals)Also, I generally leaned towards block numbers and single color numbers. Anyway, here they are in chronological order as the debuted in the NFL (or AFL as the case may be).
  4. Jvelleu

    MLB Fauxbacks

    Ever since the Rays came out with their fauxbacks last year, i've wanted to make 70s fauxbacks for the other expansion teams that weren't around in the 70s. I finally got around to it when I was inspired by JCRGraphics sweet 70s NHL concepts. I just love the horrifically beautiful aesthetics of the 70s. First up is Miami, racing stripes in full glory. (sorry about large images) I really wanted to make a super happy, poorly rendered 70s style logo, heavily inspired by pucky the whale.
  5. I was recently posting a few of my fauxbacks to non-existent 60’s uniforms when a poster suggested I try other eras. Sounded like fun, so here it is. The evolution of the Jacksonville Jaguars uniform from the 1st season in 1964 until they finally arrived at their iconic look in 1995. (From ’95 on, I think we all know where their uniforms go.) In ’64 they debuted in a solid combo in Royal Blue and Old Gold. Nothing too flashy, but attractive. They decided to go with the full body Jaguar logo instead of the “JJ” prototype you still see on-line occasionally. Six years later, it was decided the color scheme and stripes needed to be punched up a bit. The blue was lightened for the Florida sun, and old gold was traded for a bright Athletic Gold. They got a little heat from fans for copying the Packers, somewhat, but the helmet logo was redesigned to a head shot of the original logo, which proved popular. By ’77, it was time for some updating. The jersey and pants remained relatively unchanged, except for some tinkering with the road jersey stripes and the widening of the pants stripes. The big change was to the helmet, where gold was swapped for blue, and the Jags’ first colored facemask was added. Also, big changes came to the logo, as black was added for detail, including for the first time spots! Some fans grumbled about the adding of black, a non-team color, but ownership assured the fans that, like the Chiefs and Niners, black was merely there to accentuate the logo and would never make its way onto the rest of the uniform. (Hmm.) In 83 another big change came as, in an effort for a bit of uniqueness, the light blue morphed slightly towards the green. At that time you didn’t hear the term “Teal” very often, but it definitely gave the Jags a one of a kind appearance, especially the Blue-Green helmet. In addition at this time, the stripes were simplified through-out. Six years later, the modern Jags look really starts to take shape. Athletic Gold was starting to feel a little passé so the decision was made to bring back the original Old Gold. Also, despite the earlier assurances that it wouldn’t happen, the black appeared on the rest of the uniform as trim, one of the first examples of BFBS. The repetition of the helmet logo on the sleeve was popular at the time, although it feels very 80’s now. Within a few years, the front office took note that the majority of fan gear sold featured black as a color, so in 1995 they gave in and made black more prominent on the uniform, still proclaiming to be a “Teal First” team. The original full-body helmet logo returned, in updated form, as a sleeve stripe. I think quite a few posters still feel that the ’95 look was their best.