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Battle At Burchill Baseball Tournament Logo


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Hello all,

There is a local U11 baseball tournament happening in my town in July. The coach of the team reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me if I could create a logo for the tournament.

The tournament is called the Battle At Burchill, Burchill is the name of the fields named after a football player, Lee Burchill, in my town. The tournament is hosted by the Norton Lancers. The colors of the Lancers are purple, black, and white. So onto the logo.


For the logo I went with a simple home plate design. The Lancer on top is not the official logo for Norton Youth Baseball, but it is a final design submitted in 2008 when a logo was being made for the organization. In the banner it has Norton, Massachusetts, the town where the tournament is being held. The font in the logo is a medieval font because I think it goes with the fact the they are called the Lancers. I added bevels around the top to give it something in the background as it looked plain without them. It will be on a black shirt which is why it is on a black background.

C&C is appreciated as always!

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Normally, it would be written "Battle at Burchill," rather than "Battle At Burchill." While this is the classic Old English font, many ordinary people have trouble reading it. There are other medieval styles that are a bit more legible, like Uncial. I like the knight, but it is a visual jumble of white and purple, so it is hard to decipher the image at first. Using some black for some elements might help the eye to recognise the knight more readily. h_uncial.jpg

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