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Offical Gutland Athletcis Homepage (HAH)


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Hey guys so I just made this extremely long, funny (er) post about this but of course the damn thing crashed and its gone. So heres to starting over. So Gutland is a fictitious country I made up what must of been years ago, and now I found it and i'm rebooting it and "my very own hopefully less corrupt NCAA". What I hope to do is release at least 30 media guides for the 30 D1 schools in Gutland stuffed with branding, logos and uniforms and facts for football and mens baseball and basketball. Those are the three I have most fun doing, so that's what I'm sticking with. On top of that I plan on a much smaller d2, and some extra tidbits here and there. I'm doing this now because I'm on break, once I'm back in school posting will be more spontaneous. I'm using a strange combination of Gimp and paint.net but it gets the job done. Well, without much further ado heres Gutland!

Ok much briefer history than my last post. Gutland is slightly north of Virginia in the Atlantic Ocean. It was discovered by Scandanavians and named Gutland. Next French colonized the South and English colonized the North and Central. Irish snuck into some gaps between the two. For a while it was peaceful between the two with the English fighting many wars with the Tonka and Creek native American tribes to the North. Eventually france and England fought, France's military was dispelled but much of French culture in the south remained. Germans later colonized swaths of Land to Gutland's eastern shores. Gutland aided the US in many wars from the world wars to Vietnam, and for this the US allowed Gutland to remain independent. Now here are some maaaaaps.

Again I had much longer descriptions of the capitols but now I'm a little bugged, so heres some little ol descriptions.

Tonka City- Farming city, large metro, large pop., rural outside of metro, coastal, largest national park, forest/flat terrain

Stackhouse- Shipping/freight city, large coastal influence, highest density in country, average quality of life very low

Silversmith- largest producer of steel/iron, second highest altitude, rural scattered metro, heavily forested

Allentown- next to largest river in country, largest factories, largest producer of freight, surprisingly high standard of life

Saint Williams- highest average income, lowest average altitude, large wealthy metro, prides itself on high conviction rates

Fort Pierre- most sought after art/architecture in country, depends on tourism, heavy costal influence

Sablewood- large trading hub in South, largest producer of boat/airplane parts, big lumber/fishing producer

Trafalgar- Capitol of Trafalgar, City and state(like NYC) highest population in country



Thanks for stopping by guys, I have one primary logo left so I should have a logo map done soon to give you guys a sneak peak, if you have any other questions about the project OR the country it'self I'd be very happy to answer. Hope you all enjoy and have a great night (day?).

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Ok guys I couldn't wait! I'm having some trouble with this last logo but I want to give you all something to actually look at. As a bonus, I'm going to give you the teams and conference listings, but i'll let you piece together which team/ conference is which! The colors surrounding the teams do not mean anything yet no recruiting or fan bases, right now just filler to make it look better.

Big 5 Athletic Conference

Creek State University Alpines

University of Creek Voulnteers

Hundley University TigerCats

Northern Tonka University Vikings

University of Tonka Tribe

Far West Athletic Conference

Central Tech University Anvils

University of Wilcox Cardinals

Wilcox State Spartans

Trinity University Maples

University of Augustine Golden Bears

Ocean South Athletic Conference

Fletcher State Guardians

Coastal Augustine Blues

Modeste Tech Merlins

University of Modeste Musketeers

(I know there's one "missing", just trust me on this one)

Super East Athletic Conference

University of Trafalgar Royals

Trafalgar State Griffins

University of Sable Sea Eagles

Saint Ambrosius University Bishops

University of Fletcher Pride


I forgot to mention, in general this is not "History of a ___ league", this is more of a state of modern affairs thing. I hope this gives you all something to actually critique and look at, criticisms are always welcome thanks.

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