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Guest darkpiranha

From a presentation standpoint, It's okay to do it like you have above, but I'd also do an individual image of each of the drawings you've done.  Just looking at this image like this, it's hard to really evaluate.  I can tell that there are details on the jerseys, but I can't make them out.   From what I can see, my first impression is that the concept is interesting.  However, I can also tell that you're going to need to put a little more work in coloring your drawings.  They look really rough, like you only took a couple of minutes to do.  There are a few other hand-drawn concept series, but what makes them just as fun and valid as the ultra-slick computer-based designs is the attention to detail.  They don't cut themselves any slack because it's "just" a hand-drawn concept.  Check out any of TheGiantsFan's series.  Like this one.  

He gets the added bonus of not using "I'm just a kid" (he's only 16 or 17) as an excuse as to why he can't put the time and care into his concepts.  He just makes the full effort for every single one and it shows.  So don't cut any corners or give yourself any excuses.  I'm really looking forward to seeing a cleaner version of what you have above.  

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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