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Madden Ultimate Team Concepts


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Hello Users! This thread is for posting Madden Ultimate Team Concept cards, as I saw this was the best fit for posting these. So far I am hoping to draw ideas from the game, real life football cards, or even some comments posted by users like you. Hopefully this is able to keep going, and I will be able to post cards along the way. 1st off I have some Legends from 1970, the players are Bobby Bell, Carl Eller, John Brodie, and Dick Gordon. I will also post the corresponding sets needed to complete these imaginary cards. So here's the first in hopefully a long series: Bobby Bell and Dick Gordon! Comments and Constructive Criticism are also welcome, as long as they make suggestions on how to improve this or future cards.




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We have two new legend cards, a serious one and a joke one,  and they are also Madden Mobile. Keep up the suggestions, but take note that I am better at MUT than Madden Mobile, so you are welcome to request madden mobile, but you will get better quality with Madden Ultimate Team :) New Cards released tomorrow! I would also like to say that upcoming cards will be based off of NFL Players and some of the football cards that have been released for that player, so if you want to make suggestions for players you want to see, make suggestions in the comments below!

Peyton Manning 2013


And we have General Mills




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