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US Army MOS Football


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First Up, the "Queen of Battle" the Infantry.

If you ask any Grunt in the Army "Why is the sky blue?" The response will be "Because God Loves the Infantry."


These designs are fairly basic.  I took Light Blue, which is the branch color for Infantry and gold, which is typically used as auxillary when augmenting an insignia or uniform trim.

I thought the name across the chest looked like something was On the Move.

The Bayonets could be done better, but I was using Paint and PowerPoint.

Infantry Football1.jpg

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Next up, the "King of Battle" The Field Artillery.

Artilleryman became known as "Red Legs" or "Red Leggers" in the years leading up to the American Civil War, due to the designated branch color of Scarlet being the color of their pants.

I started off thinking I wanted a gold uniform, but the more I thought about it, I liked the Idea of a color that represented "Brass" and spent shell casings that have been fired.

I think the color combo here would be best known as Scarlet and Brass.


Arty footballl1.jpg

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The next Branch is Cavalry.  The Cavalry's color is Yellow, although their Troop/Company level units have guidon flags that are split in half with Red and White.  Hence the center patch above the numbers is a red and white guidon.

The helmet and jersey are "Army Blue" the dark blue representing the color of the uniforms worn by the Union Troops and frontier campaigns of the US Army

The pants: When I wear my uniform, I am often asked by people "Why don't your pants match your jacket?"  The reason for this is historical tradition.  Cavalrymen would typically have lighter-colored uniform pants than other Soldiers because the fabric would fade from being in contact with the saddle and horse.  Also, During the American Civil War, Indigo was the dye used for textiles, and because of the rapid expansion of the military and limited resources, the Department of the Army ordered that only half as much indigo be used on pants as was used on jackets.  Today, only Generals have matching blue coats and pants.

Cavalry Football1.jpg

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The Signal Corps is the branch of the Army that I currently serve in.  The designated colors are International Orange and White.

The symbolism behind the colors is that International Orange is the color used on radio towers and other large communication structures.

This was the first one that I made. Again, I made these up in PowerPoint, so I tried to be as creative as I could within the limits of the program.  The lightning bolts are often use as an auxiliary for Signal units, symbolizing rapid communication, electronics and IT.


Signal Football1.jpg

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The term "Sappers" has been used to describe Combat Engineers. Those Soldiers who go behind enemy lines, infiltrate facilities and have been known to destroy large enemy structures (bridges are what they are famous for), cut off enemy power supplies, etc.  The Sapper is essentially a one-man industrial wrecking crew.

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Army Aviation: Colors Ultramarine Blue and Orange.

With this, I wanted to incorporate the Aviator's wings into the uniform somehow.  I thought about putting the wings on the helmets similar to the Philidelphia Eagles, and putting the prop wings on the shoulders.  I thought this looked more standardized. I'm interested to know what you all think.

Aviation Football1.jpg

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Next, We have the Army Quartermaster Corps - the first in the Logistics Triad.

The Quartermaster Corps colors are Buff (a light khaki) and light blue.

I had to go with a black background on this because it was very difficult to see on a white background.

Their insignia on the helmet is an Eagle perched on a wheel, with a crossed sword and key. The Quartermaster Corps is primarily known as the "Supply" branch.  They are the biggest branch of the Army and a group of people you want to keep happy, because if your supplies are messed up - You Are Dead!


Quartermaster Football1.jpg

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The Armor Branch evolved from the Cavalry Branch after the first world war.

The MOS series is still 19, but if you ask a Tanker or a Scout if they are the same thing, you may get hit in the mouth.

The Army Branch Color is Yellow.  However, I got the inspiration for this uniform from the Armor Division patch, which is a triangle on a green field consisting of Yellow, Red, and Blue. Those colors represent Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry.  I also added a black tank track up the side and on the shoulders. I've attached the 2nd Armored Division Patch to display my reference.


Armor Football1.jpg


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