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2017 New Detroit Lions Field Concept


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Well in 2017 the Detroit Lions have "ditched" the black and have a lighter shade of "Honolulu" Blue and Silver. Along with this will be new uniforms and an update to "Bubbles" (the unofficial nickname for the Lions logo on the side of the helmets), and word mark. There are several excellent concepts here, several whom have brought a modern look at the traditional Lions Uniform (which is how I also think the Uniforms will go as well).


I have over the past couple of years worked on the Super Bowl Concepts threads, and have contributed along with @pitt6pack on the Gridiron Fields Database. Using the template that was developed. Here is my take on what the Field the Lions will have for the 2017 year



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This concept is based on the current Lions field in Detroit. The lines, numbers, and NFL hash marks are all sewn into the Field Turf Field. for years the team has used the current version of "Bubbles" at the 50 yard line, along with the NFL "shield" on the 25 yard lines. In 2016, the Lions added a "Honolulu" Blue end zone with just the word "LIONS" in their previous italic script. I updated the color in the end zone, the new "LIONS" script with a small "Silver" border, the NFC logo, and an updated version of the 1960's era "prowling" Lion. Of course the newest version of "Bubbles" resides on the 50 yard line as usual!


So what do you think?

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