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Lost and Found - Proposed Idaho WCHL Logos


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So I was going through one of my old hard drives and came across some scans I made of clippings from the Idaho Statesman back when it was announced Boise would be getting a WCHL team. The paper itself was in pretty rough shape and the scans aren't the best quality, but I thought I'd share them with everyone since I haven't come across them anywhere else. 







It's worth noting that the ownership group at the time also owned the Boise Hawks, which is why I suspect they chose Icehawks as one of the two finalists.


The "prototype" Steelheads logo is interesting on a number of levels. You can see the designer really tried to integrate both the idea of the fish and the literal steel-head (which featured prominently in their first official logo). The disembodied head in the goalie helmet (with the shadows of the face mask) is a particularly interesting detail.

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