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Cincinnati Bengals Color Rush Concept


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Well, it's official: Cincy is officially bringing back their white Color Rush, aka "White Bengal Tiger" unis. IMHO, definitely one of the coldest looks in the NFL right now. The new white helmet really just adds something that takes the look from good to great. 

Taking some inspiration from this, I made my own take on the Color Rush idea. Here's the gist of it:

  • 4 total uniforms, all featuring a fully bi-chromatic color scheme
  • Updated number font, with some small "claw marks" on the number trim which mimics the 3 stripes on the jersey shoulders
  • Updated player name font
  • "CINCY" wordmarks on the chest and front helmet bumper, in place of the Bengals "B" logo. Never really been a fan of the B, the tiger head logo and wordmarks are both superior IMO 


Admittedly, this concept is a bit of a lateral move, as they're not vastly different from Cincy's regular uniforms (which are already fantastic). Just playing around with some ideas I had when I was doing my first NFL series. Let me know what y'all think!


Uniform #1: White/Black, aka "White Tiger"



Uniform #2: Black/White, aka "Black Tiger"



Uniform #3: Orange/Black, aka "Bengal Tiger"



Uniform #4: Black/Orange, aka "Dark Tiger"



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