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Show-me believers


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The River City Renegades, a National Indoor Football League team just outside St. Louis, were sold and the new owner changed their name to the Show-Me Believers to reflect family values.  (btw, Missouri is the Show-Me State and the team plays in the "Family Arena" in St. Charles, MO)  The logo is two footballs that make a B shape.  I think they could do better, so I was hoping if anyone wanted too, that they could design a better logo for this team.
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This franchise needs all the help it can get.  The Renegades had a great logo and helmet (the all black uni's with the Texas Tech number font weren't so great) but were a horrible team and had virtually no fans.  The team even signed former Mizzou great Corby Jones (who was in the area attending law school) to play qb and even that couldn't help the team win games or put people in the seats.  The new ownership thinks that promoting family values and cleaning up the team's image will somehow translate to success.  They hired a coach who hasn't been involved actively in football in nearly 20 years (Warren Powers, who was fired from Mizzou in 1984 after failing to get the Tigers beyond a second-tier bowl game and had difficulty beating Kansas regularly) and still have no good players.  St. Louis had a very good AFL team in 95 and 96, and despite their success, they still couldn't keep fans.  As the arena football season competes directly with baseball, I just don't see any St. Louis based arena team thriving for a sustained period of time.

That being said, the logo does need serious help.

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