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  1. Columbo called. He wants his font back.
  2. It's the Birmingham Bolts from the original XFL.
  3. I'm pretty sure St. Louis wouldn't turn out for an NFL game - even one with two teams that have a pulse. The wounds would still be fresh in San Diego, too. My completely impractical idea would be to have them barnstorm for a couple of years and include some fun (but in no way profitable) football venues like Boise and Fargo. Throw Birmingham, Mexico City, Vancouver, OKC (Norman), Montreal and Louisville into the mix and you've got a full 8 game "home" schedule.
  4. I assume their mascot will be a giant whoopee cushion. Oh, wait . . .
  5. If only there was a embarrassing and juvenile nickname that fans of the Fort's arch-rival could call them. If only there were fans . . . or another team, for that matter.
  6. Can't believe they didn't go with this.
  7. Maybe it's splitting hairs, but I don't see cream. I see more of a tan/khaki which would certainly make the Bucks' new look a distinctive one, if one doesn't want to take it as far as "unique." The oversized antlers seem a bit much, but who am I to complain about a large rack?
  8. Nope. Dated. Like these guys here Wrong waterfowl.
  9. The new orange is dark enough to stand out on a white jersey, especially if trimmed in brown. I wonder if that's one of the "bold" uniform changes.
  10. I, for one (and perhaps only one) am glad to see the Browns finally update their facemask to get with the times. And by the times, I mean the 1980s. But I like the 80s, so for me this is an upgrade.
  11. That can't be good for your kidneys.