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  1. My eternal super bowl hat, perfect time to wear it.
  2. This ATL logo is pretty well done for 20 min and somehow came out looking more like an F to me as well, great job! I don't find either of the two official logos to be that legible as an F without prior knowledge even if @the admiral thinks I'm illiterate because of that.
  3. Not the first half but he did have it on at the start. "Young wore a No. 8 jersey to salute Bryant during the first few seconds of the game and dressed up his shoes with a heartfelt tribute, as well." - ESPN My thoughts on league-wide retirements are that it's unnecessary in almost all cases. I asked the question about Cuban of why it would make sense for him to decide #24 should be retired for the Mavs only after the passing of Bryant. As for the rest of the season, I'd be cool with a Lakers doing a patch or if the NBA decided to go league-wide. Players should be able to honor Bryant however they wish, whether that's switching to or moving away from 8 and 24.
  4. He wore #8 for pregame and then back to standard #11. Curious to see how the NBA would add a Kobe memorial if it chooses to since there is already the black band for David Stern. Initials on the band maybe? I'm not sure.
  5. I grew up with the falcons as more of a black team, but seeing these more often, I could get behind a general update of this color palette, though I'd suspect they stick to more black, with an alternate jersey and the main pants being black.
  6. I've definitely come to like the material but miss the properly done arm trip and side paneling, rather than the overlay of the paneling cutting off the arm trim and the Nike arm mobility cut.
  7. It feels much more like the (sun) Rays with the yellow used more frequently as well. Despite the fact that they are an indoor team as @the admiral points out, which now that I've thought about really makes the identity disjointed, doesn't it?
  8. I don't want to speak for @Magic Dynasty, but I have a feeling they're not under the impression that it means anything, but rather that the regular use of yellow by the social media team sparked an interest in seeing the Rays lean into the brighter colors rather than relying on navy. I'd love to see a little more color throughout MLB, so I tend to agree.
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