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  1. Pleeeeeease. On-field product is going to disappoint Eagles fans like me for the foreseeable future, at least give us something aesthetically pleasing to support!
  2. We probably could've guessed that as you may be the single person on this board who feels that way, haha I respect your opinion & takes though
  3. That's been my experience, as well. And that's fine, I kind of dig the enthusiasm and was probably the same way in the late 90s.
  4. No judgment & no type of loaded question at all, but I am legitimately curious if the divide here is an age/generational thing: how old are you, @andregunts I'll voluntarily share that I'm 39.
  5. Do you? I don't want to re-hash past discussions/arguments (ha), but that uniform matchup objectively looks fairly ridiculous. Do you love them solely because they look fairly ridiculous?
  6. Ha, welp... that's a decent concept, then.
  7. That wordmark looks legitimate to me in that I don't think a card company would stylize a placeholder wordmark like that
  8. I mean, I guess? Those colors look faded as hell, hopefully it's just the lighting of that clip.
  9. Great reminder of how much I loved the 18-19 OKC City Ediitons
  10. Gosh, I really like that Nets jersey
  11. Certainly prefer those over what adidas is using for their AA game