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  1. This is a perfectly legitimate question. My response is bolded. I never even considered the other possibility until the Rays starting using their own version with light blue stripes. I go back and forth a little more on the Rays' version, if that makes any sense at all. Slightly off topic: The superstretchy Stance socks totally ruin this look. The proportions on the current version (see Cardinals photo above) are completely out of whack. The old ones looked infinitely better.
  2. Assuming Tony ever disliked brown (a claim now thrown into serious doubt, if not wholly refuted), you have to remember that he only ever wore brown//yellow/orange and brown/orange. He never wore the much, much better brown/yellow combo.
  3. Tnak actually has a dog in this fight. I wonder if he will rooting for the Dolphins to win or lose.
  4. I haven't made the trip myself, but I know a lot of Ravens fans who have traveled to Nashville over the years.
  5. The whole Baltimore Canton set looks great. I'm really curious to read the "About the Club" entry. The fact that you put the club in Canton suggests you did your homework about Baltimore soccer history (or already know your stuff). East Baltimore was the hotbed of soccer in the olden days.
  6. Gridiron Uniform Database says the Cowboys beat the Colts to the punch by a year (which is how I remembered it). The Cowboys added numbers to the pants worn with their updated blue jerseys in 1981, then also added them to the pants worn with their white jerseys in 1982. The Colts added numbers to their new silver (grey?) pants in 1982, but never added them to their white pants. The silver pants were only ever worn with their blue jersey. Per GUD, the Packers also added numbers to their pants in 1984 (and also added their current collar and embedded their helmet logo in their sleeve stripes). I didn't look to see if any other teams followed suit, as I don't remember anyone else doing so.
  7. This look is classic enough that it still gives me nightmares about The Ghost to the Post. It would look even better if the Colts' pants stripes weren't so wide, but they probably counts as nitpicking.
  8. Anytime someone throws in a "Wedding Crashers" reference is good with me.
  9. Appropriately, in a true contributory negligence jurisdiction, they both lose for being even 1% negligent. In a comparative negligence jurisdiction, the Jags would still be able to recover a portion of their damages.
  10. If memory serves me, the alignment was originally meant to keep Florida State and Miami in separate divisions. While the B1G is a little lopsided, I think it has shown that it is okay to have (temporarily?) unbalanced divisions to help the geography make sense and allow casual fans to remember which schools are in which division. The SEC has been unbalanced in the past too, but the geography has made sense (Missouri in the East notwithstanding).
  11. I think this is as good a description of "blue collar town" as is likely to exist . . . including the disclaimer in the second paragraph. Also, I grew up in the 70s and had fully repressed all memories of the Laverne & Shirley California years . . . until now. If nothing else, it makes it easier to remember which teams are in which division. Even when Maryland was in the ACC, I had no ideas which teams were in the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions . . . and still don't.
  12. The play you described was even worse than your description. You can be called for blocking early on a screen pass. However, the play in question was an overhand lateral to Chris Moore. Therefore, it should have been treated like a running play. Instead, OPI was called . . . on a running play. Even Dan Fouts managed to notice.
  13. Damn! How did I miss that? At least I got the Harold Lloyd reference.