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  1. I never noticed that before, but now I can't unsee it.
  2. The seats at Camden Yards have been green since Day One. Green was only a team color to the extent it was part of the background of the primary logo (as part of a baseball diamond). Bottom line -- dark green is more or less the default retro seat color, which is most likely why the seats at Miller Park are green.
  3. I think it would have helped the old one to include the full abbreviation instead of just the W. However, the new one looks like a logo for a tech startup.
  4. I think that might require a post showing the nipple rings in action . . .you know, for perspective.
  5. Damn, you beat me to it. For you youngsters who don't what Wings is talking about . . .
  6. I'm fine with the divisions. There are a few geographic anomalies, but the maintenance of historic rivalries (Dallas with the Giants, Eagles and Redskins; Miami with the Bills, Jets and Patriots) are worth the few blips on the map.
  7. That certainly makes the most geographic sense. That AFC North would be an insanely (in a good way) geographically compact division. The longest trip would be Indianapolis to Pittsburgh, which is only 360 miles. The AFC East in that scenario would be almost as compact. The longest trip would be Buffalo to Boston, which is 455 miles.
  8. DOUBLE POST -- I plead computer/server error.
  9. When the AL and NL divided, teams played their division rivals 18 times (18 x 5 = 90) and teams in the other division 12 times (6 x 12 = 72). The AL schedule was tweaked after the 1977 expansion. The AL moved to a "balanced schedule" in 1979. A summary of each schedule is below (courtesy of Wiki). 1969 162 18 games × 5 opponents in-division, 12 × 6 interdivision games (yielding 90 intra- and 72 inter-division games) 1977 162 expansion – 15 games × 6 opponents in-division, 10 or 11 × 7 interdivision games (90 intra- and 72 inter-division, as previously) 1979 162 13 games × 6 opponents in-division, 12 × 7 interdivision games (78 intra- and 84 inter-division) 1994 162 leagues split into 3 divisions – schedules based on 1993 alignments Bottom line -- the Brewers and White Sox played 12 games a year for all but two years before the Brewers moved to the NL . . . and played 10 or 11 times in the other two seasons.
  10. As someone old enough to remember the USFL (I was 15 in March 1983), I can confirm the vast difference between the two leagues. While the USFL wasn't competing with the NFL via a fall schedule, there was still competition for talent. Being able to sign players like Herschel Walker, Kelvin Bryant, Trumaine Johnson and Anthony Carter for Year One created a buzz for the USFL that the AAF can't replicate under its current business model. Herschel Walker was on the cover of Sports Illustrated before the season started, with an inside story featuring a picture of all twelve helmets.* I'm fairly certain that will never happen with the AAF. * -- In the pre-internet days, that was the first time I (and probably many others) saw any hint of helmets and uniforms. It was a very exciting time for us uniform geeks.
  11. "Ambiguous" is certainly an apt description.
  12. To me, the hawk always looked like it was hatching out of a tan/beige egg. I can't explain the red and white part at the bottom.
  13. That actually makes sense. However, there doesn't seem to be much need to change the primary wordmark.
  14. Dislike. It seems pretty unnecessary.