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  1. When I was a kid (early '70s), I had Colts pajamas with a blue helmet image on them. I assume it's because the pajamas were white and they wanted some contrast (unlike the podium). There is a good chance you saw them and just didn't notice. The silver was almost unnoticeable on the white uniforms at any kind of distance. I still have a hard time with it . . . 36 years later.
  2. Sort of like a Baltimore Cardinals t-shirt . . . except I have one of those in my closet.
  3. That's a fair point.
  4. They still have to pretend that the back corner is the focus of the store (and it's still important regardless of what is going on in the other 90% of the space). It's a pretty universal shorthand, so I think it makes sense.
  5. In the United States, green has come to be the color of cannabis dispensaries. I'm pretty sure that is not a look Rite Aid is looking to emulate.
  6. That makes it look better. However, the hood emblem is now going to be inconsistent from whatever the default logo turns out to be.
  7. It's nebulous, but it's also a pretty accurate description. With almost all of the logos, the use of the "neon" lines distorts them significantly, making them "representative" of the actual logos. With the existing logos, we already know what the actual logos look so we can fill in the blanks in our minds, whereas we're left to speculate/guess with the Rams logo.
  8. They are essential elements to the Roughnecks logo, but they overlay the entirety of the Oilers logo. One way to think about it is that, realistically, the Roughnecks logo would not be what it is if the Oilers logo didn't already exist (i.e., they almost certainly would have gone in another direction). Instead, they chose the logo they did because there is inherent value and goodwill associated with the Oilers logo. At a minimum, you would have a hard time convincing me otherwise.
  9. I agree with this. The XFL would have little to no hope of succeeding in claiming the Oilers mark has been abandoned. They would probably sound foolish even raising the argument.
  10. It's an interesting questions. Consumer surveys are a big part of trademark cases. In this case, I'd be curious to know how it would play out. I'm 52 years old, so I have very vivid memories of the Oilers. On the other hand, I know my sports (and my logos) well enough to know the difference between the Oilers and the Roughnecks. The hypothetical 20 year old would make for an intriguing test case.
  11. The issue is likelihood of confusion as to the source/ownership of the product. The NFL and/or the Titans don't own the image of an oil derrick, per se, any more than the league or teams own the image of a star or a horseshoe or the profile of a bird's head. However, there are pretty striking similarities in the underlying designs, offset only by the star and the H overlaying the bottom of the derrick. Take those away and the remainder of the design is essentially identical to the Oilers logo.
  12. As a fellow Orioles fan, I will second this . . .and also the bolded part at the bottom.
  13. I actually am a lawyer and I'm surprised the NFL hasn't raised the issue . . . particularly because the Oilers used to wear this helmet. My guess is that the NFL doesn't want to dignify and/or call more attention to the XFL by pressing the issue. That said, any concerns to that effect didn't stop the NFL from taking action against the Baltimore CFL Colts.* * -- The "CFL" was part of the name in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to provide a defense against likelihood of confusion claims.
  14. I like this . . . but only for the Lisa Bonet video.
  15. What made the Oilers set work so well is that they never applied those stripes to a red background (i.e., helmet, jersey, pants), so that element of the pattern never disappears. When Florida tried to keep the stripes in the same order, the orange outer stripes disappear on anything orange. Also, on a white background, the white middle section doesn't "read" as a stripe to me for some reason (if that makes any sense), but I've never had that problem with the Oilers' blue pants.