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  1. I tend to forget that they're there because they're small and blend in so much with the black. The helmets would probably look better without the stripes, but they don't bother me. I never thought about the Jacksonville similarity before, but it is pretty accurate. All in all, I tend to think of the Ravens uniforms as something of a modern classic (though I'm probably just a bit biased). They generally stick to traditional football aesthetics (no piping, traditional pants striping (black pants excluded)), with some modern elements (custom number font, sleeve logo with just a stripe on the cuff).
  2. This is the closest example I can think of -- Ravens 1997-98 vs. 1999. The primary/helmet logo changed, but the uniform was otherwise identical. In 2000, they moved the shield logo to the sleeves and put the B logo on the pants. Otherwise, they have remained mostly unchanged since then.
  3. I wonder if the red was supposed to represent a horse's mane . . . thus a Broncos' version of the Rams' and Vikings' horns and the Eagles' wings.
  4. The one with the number in a star is almost ahead of its time with the 90s colors. I'm old enough to remember when Sports Illustrated ran an article about the design/selection process. The sketch of the star jersey in the article used a "ChicaGo" wordmark. SI Vault -- 6/8/81
  5. Doesn't that unfairly exclude the non-athletes? We are all Students!
  6. This is the first example that came to mind for me. The example that never came to pass was Mississippi Mike Smith and Texas Mike Smith of the 1989 Orioles. If memory serves me, they were never on the major league roster at the same time, so it never became an issue, but the story behind the nicknames is interesting. http://www.greatest21days.com/2011/01/texas-mike-smith-next-time-out-309.html
  7. The Bengals? What do they have to do with this thread?
  8. The best part of this (for me) is that the Ravens get 3rd round compensatory picks in 2021 and 2022 for losing Culley.
  9. The mothership summary doesn't show the worst of it. 1977 Home -- . . . and the road version, modeled by manager Ted Turner --
  10. This shows just how much of an effect the alarm clock numbers had on the uniform as a whole. The jersey (at least standing alone) isn't bad with block numbers. The only real problem is the logo/wordmark mismatch on the sleeves.