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  1. This didn't age well . . . after 52 minutes. I'm not sure what happens with the Marlins at this point.
  2. Excellent choice. I can hear Mel Allen's voice now.
  3. And I almost forgot the quintessential 90s assymmetrical stripe uniforms.
  4. If memory serves, Maryland only wore these for one year. I always wondered why the front number was sooo big. There were a ton of 90s templates with assymmetrical stripes.
  5. I would put the bolded names in the "Other European Inspired Names" category. They're not direct knockoffs like "Inter" and "Real", but they feel more European than American, in my opinion. They are also more a part of MLS 2.0 than 1.0 The Fire and Revolution would probably also belong in that category too if they were announced today. However, they were clearly part of the MLS 1.0 style of "City/Weird Amorphous Nickname", like the Clash, Wiz, Burn and Mutiny. In addition, Chicago Fire had already been used in the WFL. The Red Bulls would clearly belong in that category if they still used the name Red Bull New York. I'm actually disappointed that they don't use it anymore. As obviously derivative as that name is, I actually like it much better than New York Red Bulls.
  6. Cincinnati is only about 80 miles from Lexington, KY, so it's not that big of a stretch to cross the Ohio River. That said, I could see Memphis and West Virginia in the SEC before Cincinnati if only because the SEC probably maintains more of a geographic/cultural identity than any other major conference. That would also allow the conference to add two schools with the potential to provide additional strength in both football and basketball while adding another state to the footprint with West Virginia. After Maryland* left the ACC with almost no advance warning, nothing would shock me. However, I suspect the "charter member" concept carries some weight with schools like UNC, N.C. States and Virginia. * -- While Maryland was a charter member of the ACC, most fans (including me) always had the sense that it was treated as an outsider, even in the pre-expansion days. A friend of mine used to joke(?) that it was because Maryland never seceded and joined the Confederacy.
  7. Just about anything is an improvement on what they wear now.
  8. There was a lot of eyerolling on our end of the call. This came to mind.
  9. What it needs is a line and shading at the top to offset the point of the obelisk. As it is right now, it looks flat instead of 3D. It also needs to be a little pointier and maybe skinnier. The top of this photo might give you an idea of what I'm talking about regarding the point of the obelisk. Beyond that, I really like the idea. The one on the left is the better of the two. On both, I like the use of the three stars from the D.C. flag, which (coincidentally?) match the team's three Super Bowl championships.* * -- This is the NFL! Anything that happened before 1966 doesn't count!!!!!!!
  10. I'm sure they do to some degree, since that makes good business sense. However, I'm not sure they come right out and say it or emphasize it. In terms of marketing, the MLL certainly seems to be more traditional than the PLL. The PLL treats lacrosse as a little bit more of an XXXtreme sport. I haven't really followed the NLL in years since there hasn't been a team in Baltimore since the 90s(?), so I don't know where it falls on that spectrum.
  11. The link below shows the 2019 schedule. https://www.oursportscentral.com/services/schedule/premier-lacrosse-league/l-254 The short version is that the 6 teams played a 10 game, double round robin schedule. The season was played in 10 different cities, with a doubleheader (usually on Saturday) and a single game (usually on Sunday) each week. There were then two rounds of playoffs played in two additional cities. In case it wasn't clear from the discussion above, the PLL teams aren't assigned cities or given city names. They're just given nicknames/team names.
  12. The best solution for the sport as a whole is probably some sort of hybrid approach. The PLL has done a great job of getting exposure with its TV package and by continuing to play in new markets. However, given my sense that most people are (like me) most used to the city-based team model, I think the novelty of constant touring will wear off at some point. That gets us back to the neutral site game approach. In the PLL's case, maybe that means assigning home markets for 2-4 games per year for each time while continuing the barnstorming on other weekends on the calendar.
  13. The map doesn't show anyone playing in Texas, but this is a thing . . . Texas High School Lacrosse League Meanwhile, I had no idea that this happened until three minutes ago. . . https://lacrossebucket.com/2020/04/23/how-johns-hopkins-and-navy-brought-lacrosse-to-texas/ Johns Hopkins vs. Navy before 20,000 fans in the Astrodome . . . in 1971. See the 2:09 mark . . .