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  1. To add to your point . . . I'm admittedly not much of an outdoorsman and haven't spent much time in Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop. That said, I don't recall ever seeing a tomahawk or hatchet with a head/blade made out of stone.
  2. Opportunity missed . . . they could have announced this on the 225th anniversary of the founding of Cleveland . . . yesterday.
  3. One other criticism that I overlooked in my earlier post . . . I get the attempt to maintain a connection to the existing block C. However, if they were trying to mimic the shape of the bridge pillars, I believe it would have worked better to eliminate the serif on the top right.
  4. I'm stunned that they didn't go with Spiders. The name isn't bad, but the G-Wing-Ball logo is terrible. Cartoonish, doesn't capture the deco look that I presume was intended and the perspective bothers me. Also, the jagged cursive(ish) wordmark reminds me very much of this . . .
  5. I had difficulty recognizing players that I know. It didn't help that the NOB was pretty small (and was red-on-navy on the AL uniforms, so there was minimal contrast).
  6. Almost/maybe. On this version, the wordmark and number are centered, with the stripes very much on the side. On the originals, the stripes were placed more toward the front of the jersey, with the wordmark and number pushed to the right.
  7. The similarity to the Colt 45s wordmark is what makes it work. In a vacuum, it looks wrong for a team named after the space race.
  8. I still think (and I know I've mentioned this in other threads) that they should go with a hybrid model. Assign teams to cities and have them play several true home/road games and several games as part of touring events. Ex. -- 10 game schedule. 4 home games, 4 road games, 2 tour/neutral site games (or maybe 3-3-4).
  9. I can never unsee that it isn't symmetrical, but it still feels right for Da Bears.
  10. I didn't realize that was the result of a manufacturing error. I just thought it was bad design. I'm glad no other team did it . . . intentionally or unintentionally. Centered front numbers just don't fit the normal baseball aesthetic. This looks more like a basketball jersey with sleeves.
  11. Syracuse is a good example of the "beating up on each other because they know each other" part. It seems like ACC teams have figured out how to attack their zone defense, but teams that don't see them twice a year are befuddled.
  12. "Especially greasy" is a pretty high bar for Huggy Bear.
  13. This was my theory. too. Have you already forgotten? She was a high school JV point guard. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7SDX/at-and-t-slam-dunk-featuring-grant-hill
  14. I feel like there should be a Rocket Watts tie in somewhere. https://msuspartans.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/rocket-watts/10825
  15. I know it is a product of my mind playing tricks on me, but they don't bother me as much as they should. If I saw them on a new uniform, I would automatically say they're a mess. However, since I know what they're supposed to look like and they still appear in full on the QB cut, my mind completes them (for lack of a better phrase) on the other jerseys.
  16. Where is the "Dislike" button when you need it?
  17. Duly noted . . . and thanks for the save. I only know as the way in from the airport. I've only had to do it in a rental car in both directions, going to/from the Monroeville area to the airport . . . at least twice with snow falling.* * -- In pre-GPS, turn-by-turn-directions-on-your-dashboard days, I should add.
  18. Pittsburgh is like this if you come in from the south/southwest on I-376. You can't see the city at all until you emerge from the Fort Pitt tunnel and then -- BAM!!! -- the city is right in front of you.
  19. Geez, you're right. I never really looked closely at that logo before.
  20. I tend to forget that they're there because they're small and blend in so much with the black. The helmets would probably look better without the stripes, but they don't bother me. I never thought about the Jacksonville similarity before, but it is pretty accurate. All in all, I tend to think of the Ravens uniforms as something of a modern classic (though I'm probably just a bit biased). They generally stick to traditional football aesthetics (no piping, traditional pants striping (black pants excluded)), with some modern elements (custom number font, sleeve logo with just a stripe on the cuff).
  21. This is the closest example I can think of -- Ravens 1997-98 vs. 1999. The primary/helmet logo changed, but the uniform was otherwise identical. In 2000, they moved the shield logo to the sleeves and put the B logo on the pants. Otherwise, they have remained mostly unchanged since then.
  22. I wonder if the red was supposed to represent a horse's mane . . . thus a Broncos' version of the Rams' and Vikings' horns and the Eagles' wings.
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