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Some advice to designer


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I posted this in response to a thread, but in case it got lost in the shuffle I wanted to post it fresh:

Take it from someone with 10 years experience as a professional designer.

People are going to comment on your designs whether you ask them to or not....

Everyone has an different opinion about what they like and what they think is cool.

If you design something for your own interest and you like the results, thats all that matters.

If you are designing something for a client, you have to design it for their interests.

As a designer, if you cant take criticism, asked or unasked you will burn out very quickly.

Not everything I design is something I personally like.

And not everything I design that i personally love ever gets used.

Let it roll off your back!

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Professionally I think it is more diffucult to take criticism because some idiot just made your job tougher, but here it's different. This is a site for some intense hobbyists that really won't affect your life. One thing you can always take into consideration when criticized on this website is who they are. After a while you find out who's got a clue and a sound opinion, and who's taste and reactions are rediculous. We've got lots of both.

So learn to take good advice from people who have something constructive to say. Even if it may mean starting over on occasion.

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