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  1. This includes my prediction for the Rams uniforms. Probably some color rush-inspired look.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with doing a new Bucco Bruce as a secondary or tertiary logo. I'm not saying mine are the best examples of that, but my thought is to do a pirate that is not a skull, just to keep it separate.
  3. Looks like O SUN. It looks dated. From the 1970s. Whoever chose this has terrible taste.
  4. Another case of altered throwbacks. There's a YouTube video of the team in 1984 and there are differences in color, striping, and facemask. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJSNS_uBKME (And the commercials in this video are awesome!)
  5. I have a plastic NFL mug from the same year. Some beauties on there.
  6. It's not ugly, it's not poorly executed, but it immediately made me think of road signs.
  7. Not that mine is better, but I had a concept design for the Milwaukee Milkers a few years back. Brilliant minds... I think I sold a few shirts on CafePress, if I remember correctly.
  8. Yeah! That's the ticket! No dromaeosaurid theropods look good without feathers.
  9. I love your template. It works great for me, and because I know a bit of Photoshop, it's easy to use. Easily my favorite.
  10. I have other ideas, but this is another version of the jersey, this time without the wordmark on the sleeve. I moved it to the chest, which makes it old-school practice jersey-ish. I still want it simple-no flash, which is why there isn't a lot of design elements. All on purpose.
  11. While I like a lot about the logo a couple things bug me a bit. The A in Aces makes it look a bit asymetrical. Perhaps a more flat-topped, blocky A could have worked just as well. Also, it took a moment to recognize the the bottom was LV and not V V overlapping.
  12. darkpiranha, you make a few interesting points. Browns vs Bengals is a very orange-y affair. Regardless, I think orange is a decent, complimentary color to brown, but let's think of a few others. Brown + yellow a la Wyoming- not great. Brown + red is used by Brown University, and is ok. I would have to see how well it would pop, though. Brown + blue, as long as it is royal blue, could work. Look at a Snickers bar for reference.
  13. This concept may make some people's blood boil, but what would the Browns look like if they had NO history NO tradition and were a new team? Think about it. Besides Brown, the obvious choice, what color palette would you use? What look would you pursue; something flashy like they have now, or something tough and basic? Would you have a non-brown helmet with no logo, or where would you start? I went brown, basic, and tough. Orange takes a back seat to steely grey. No flash, just rough.
  14. So he is responsible for the mis-matched home and away jerseys. So weird to have UCLA shoulder loops on the aways and Northwestern stripes at home. Always seemed so arbitrary. But I agree with the other points: V stripes = cool for 1960s cut jerseys and the socks are cool, too.
  15. Way too busy. We have the longhorn, the XII, Nike swoosh, the word Texas all above the number. I think you remove the longhorn, scoot things up and you are good.
  16. How is the love for these NY Giants unis? I think they are still a good look as the current one's novelty has faded a bit for me. I would make the jersey match the helmets, though. Then there are these Oregon unis that have come almost full circle. Almost. These colors have reappeared lately.
  17. I love this. Kind of wish the cougar was white. White mask? Maybe?
  18. A little too blue for the Green Wave. Too bad about the pant stripe mismatch with the helmet.
  19. This with a red mask and bingo! Just makes sense in so many ways.
  20. Very interesting. I think I like the Hokkaido Big Green the best.
  21. So now they have a white cardinal on the helmet. Nope.
  22. I did this design mannnnnny moons ago. (Hence the crappy picture) While it's not perfect, I like the blue mask and taking a chance on a different looking Detroit Lion than we're used to seeing. I'm always up for a new approach if it works.
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