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Montreal royales (cbl) concept


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Montreal Royales (CBL) Concept


I forgot my password for my email and since I was always auotmaticly logged-in here, i dont remember that password, hence I have a new name [used to be bosox]. Hopefully I'll remember my password soon...

Threw this together in a couple minutes because I haven't seen a CBL concept. I kept it pretty simple for Montreal, since they usually have simple uniforms....


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what irks me about the CBL is all the uniforms are the same, just the colours and script logos are different.  I also can't understand why every team wears the All-Star Game logo on their alternate jersey.

Players names on the backs of jerseys would help us learn who's who quicker, and none of this 'trading by the hands of the league office', that is so amateurish

Oh yeah, your concept isn't too bad :)


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