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Best sporting event experience


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This is kind of like the best sports game you've been to thread, but its about your personal experience, like the best time you had at a game (or event). I have three that are just about up there (in chronological order)

July 2001-MLB All-Star Game. This was fun. I went to all three events. Just a blast. Always remember the Lasorda play and the Ripken-Gwynn ceremony.

October 30, 2004- Michigan vs. Michigan State. I'll never forget that 4th quarter. State was up 27-10 with about 9 minutes to go. What was a 3:00 game dragged on into a night game, and experience in itself since UM doesn't have night games. I remember how it was a warm day, but then a chilly evening. That coupled with the score, and how a lot of people didn't dress warmly, caused alot of people to leave right after Cobb's TD. Then, I barely paid attention on the next drive, since I went to the rim of the stadium and watched a fire raging outside of the stadium that MSU fans set off. Then I turned and saw us score an FG to make it 27-13. Then the biggest play, the onside kick that we recovered. The stadium just erupted. Then Braylon Edwards made it 27-20, and then 27-27 with 3 to go. They got one last hail mary chance at the end from the 50, but we had a 15 yard pass interference, and seeing the 52 yard FG go short and wide, phew. Then we scored a FG in our OT to make it 30-27, and we stopped them at the 3 to force an FG to make it 30-30. They scored a TD, and we then had 3rd and goal from the 5, but we scored to make it 37-37, and then we scored again to make it 45-37, and Dowdell's pass goin incomplete...Awesome. It was nationally televised so my parents were watchin, and so were my friends. I also remember calling my parents and sayin "I stay for the whole game, thats Case 2." (My family went to the Rams-Seahawks game where they blew a 27-10 lead, and left before the comeback started).

February 5th-7th, 2005: Super Bowl XXXIX. Well, I had always wanted to go to the Super Bowl. I was actually going to ask my parents for tickets to Super Bowl XL for my birthday since it would be in Detroit. I remember my mom calling me as I was walkin back to the dorm askin if I was free on the 4th-7th, and I said no since I had a midterm on the 7th, and she told me my parents got Super Bowl tickets (my Dad is a Seahawks Suite Holder, and they gave all them 2 tix). My prof was cool about it and let me take it the day after. Also, the weekend before, my cell phone broke at a party, and my parents sent me an old one, which I luckily got a few hours before I was going to leave, since I checked my messages and one of the legs of my flight was cancelled, so I had to get that changed. I got to Jacksonville on Friday night. Just chilled that night. We stayed on one of the cruise ships. Saturday we went to the NFL Experience, bought a bunch of stuff, and just hung out in downtown Jax. After that we went to a Seahawks party at Sawgrass, and met Dan Akroyd. Then afterwards we just hung out on the cruise ship (Really, alot of Seahawks execs went, along with some of the other suite holders, and it was pretty cool seeing them get drunk off their asses (like Qwest Prez, and others)). Also, this was the ship where alot of the Eagles stuff were (family, employees, fans), so we hung out with them. Actually, the Eagles cheerleaders were in the same hall as me, in the area right by my room, so whenever I walked to my room, they were always out in the hall gettin ready (one had to be outside so they didn't blow a fuse). On gameday I wanted to get there ASAP, so I actually got there just as the gates opened. Then just hung around the stadium, and took pictures, tailgated. Actually, I was going back to my seat just as the Eagles arrived, so got pictures of them. Great seats, about 25 rows back on the Eagles 20 yard line in the Eagles fan section. Geez, they are fun fans. Good game too. Next day went golfing before heading to the airport. Then, on the way back my plane was diverted into Cleveland for 3 hours since it couldn't land in Detroit because of fog. Got back at midnight, and hit the books for my midterm the next day.

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