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Philadelphia Liberty (Logolympiad 7)


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Perhaps I just liked my Logolympiad: Event 7: Wordmark entry a little too much, but I think most everyone missed something important in mine.

That's to be expected...people go and have gone years without seeing the glove in the Brewers old logo, the H in the Whalers logo, and the 11 in the BigTen logo...

But once people find out about them, they usually love them...or at least that's the reaction I get from most people on this board. Seems to me like people love well used negative space...

So I've gotta believe (if for no other reason than to comfort myself, heh) that the reason I got so few votes in the Logolympiad was because nobody saw the Liberty Bell in between the L and the i.

So, here's a look at it again...am I just too happy with myself for coming up with it, lol?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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