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Arsenal 02/04 Jersey


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I am purchasing the long-sleeved 02/04 Arsenal jersey shown below. It's the game jersey (as opposed to the replica), which features an underneath layer of mesh material that keeps the wearer cool.


The one shown here is for Patrick Viera, but I'm ordering it for Thierry Henry.


Anyway, my question is which badges should be affixed to the shoulders.

Arsenal won the league in 01/02 (wearing an earlier "Dreamcast" jersey) and in 03/04 (wearing the jersey I'm buying).

As I understand it, they wore "Premiership Champions" patches on the jersey I'm buying during the 02/03 season, celebrating their title from the season before.

My question is this -- exactly which patch did they wear during the 02/03 season?

From the Viera jersey picture, it looks like this one, which has the 02/03 dates, but might indicate that they were the reigning title holders from the year before?


If someone can confirm and/or find me a good picture of the patches they wore in 02/03, I would be most grateful. Thanks!

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In both the pictures (Viera & Henry) showing the "Champions" patched affixed to the jersey, it looks like there is some green detailing on the bottom of the patch.

I found this on eBay, which seems to confirm that (i) the patch had green detailing; and (ii) the patch read "Champions 2001-2002."

If anyone has personal knowledge and can confirm this, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I am gonna place the order and ask for the "Champions 2001-2002" patch. For the price I'm paying for a double-layered "game" jersey, I sure hope that it's correct!


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