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Fantasy Basketball Concept


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Another basketball concept completed...but this one's for my CLB (CCSLC approved fantasy NBA league) team, the New England Galaxy.

For some reason, I decided that royal blue, columbia blue, and silver worked with this concept over my original choice of forest green, vegas gold, and black...besides, seeing my last concept (the Housatonic U Dragons one) was with the same color set, I felt that'd be a bit of overkill...

About the logo....I went simple with it. The 6 stars going forward from the basketball represent the 6 states of the New England region...even though the team's based out of Hartford, I felt it'd be the right thing to do...

The font used for the wordmark is "1979", a knockoff of the SpiderMan font used for the movies...player numbers and nameplates are in the Flames font from eriqjaffe's NHL Font Collection (and yes, it's from the jersey set before the current ones)...

Another note...that isn't the actual Hartford Civic Center logo on the court..it's something I made up, and seeing how Madison $quare Garden "manages" the two major venues in the area (namely the HCC and Rentschler Field), it's kinda appropriate too :lol:

Uni templates courtesy of Mr. Nesi...court template from mjrbaseball...

C&C appreciated and the like..but if you're gonna just gonna plop on what I did and not bring anything to the table, just keep on going..we'll all be happier for it :D

Anyways, enough of the intro stuff..here's what I got







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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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