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My designs on seahawks.com


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great, I love those. I put simmons on my desktop and I'm not even a seahwks fan, but wallpapers look great. The only thing if I can notice is that I don't like the wallpaper with the schedule, because one side is dark and schedule is light color, and I like my wallpapers all one shade, but then maybe it's just me. Great work, now I appreciate more the new seahawks silverish blue color, it looks great on the wallpaper.
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I like the Stadium one the best, I actually took that photo myself back in November when I was photographing images for the Stadium Presentation.

I just like the angle of it.

As far as the contrasting of dark/light on the schedule, the background of the schedule had to be white or as light as possible to read the text, so I just made the background the same theme image as the rest of them.

The original Schedul design had a collage of Stadium images, but it looked overly bright and cluterred.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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