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  1. WOW. Nice. Someone mentioned this being up there with the Cards for best facelift ever. Maybe. I daresay it's the most close to the vest update I've ever seen (contemporary, not historically). Seriously. That is some finely tuned TLC applied. Could it/should it have been more? What else is there to say? I love parts of Frasers. REALLY like the heft and simplicity of Andrew's. And although I don't have them in front of me to look at I know Tom has shown me some of those cool ideas he references and I dug those too. And I like this so. It's all good. This is (no matter your opinion) extremely competently handled. What's a dirty shame is that that fact alone is noteworthy lately. Also, no offense to Vikes fans, but it is XX% harder to get excited one way or the other when the design is not front and center. If I'm not paying attention I can go years without even seeing that Viking logo. Not that all work shouldn't be as good as it can be...just saying.
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