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  1. As for the Miami uni...shoutout Trix yogurt
  2. not sure that should have been mentioned in this thread, but i guess when (most of) the real designs are bad enough...
  3. Not sure of an official date, but last time when they came out, it was during the season when they were announced. I guess it might be a little earlier since the season will be shorter this year, but i'd have to imagine they want to avoid a "sales conflict" with the City and Classic uniforms. Maybe we see them around January?
  4. Same as before, oddly. The one uniform that's not changing for them this season.
  5. Are the Pacers and spur a new logo gonna be added to the site soon?

  6. Can you please send me the new font in vector the NHL All-Star Game? CZ2R0-JUMAEu1fX.jpg

  7. I was wondering if you had the truetype font for the current Chargers word mark?  Thanks