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  1. Sadly, no. That's not entirely true...
  2. Sorry, no dice on Indy making changes to the Icon or Association uniforms next season.
  3. 14 teams are changing their Statement uniform to a new design different from their current Statement uniform.
  4. 14(!) new ones next season. Can't say more than that, tho.
  5. ^ flip the tonal pattern vertically and make the collar orange with the light blue detail and you've got it.
  6. Good stuff as always. I really like the front of the top, but I think the back on the top is a little too complicated. Maybe just keep it solid white below the scapula? Also, I might put the dribbling lion logo large on one side of the shorts so you have a varied look on both sides.
  7. Good work so far. I'll be tuning in for this whole series. Always enjoy your work
  8. I really dislike it as well. I don't understand why they can't be content like Nike, New Balance or UA, to just have their logo on the chest. Obtrusive sums it up nicely.
  9. Not loving that shade of red...
  10. Old news, my man (tho, i didn't get the coloring right on the 2nd logo)
  11. ^ from