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  1. ^ the 3rd one is the only one remotely 90s-inspired. good idea, though.
  2. agreed. would have been better along these lines...
  3. Maybe if navy parts on that template were made from dazzle fabric? And the gray was just normal mesh fabric...kinda like the Pistons did around then:
  4. Nope, but certainly some good stuff coming.
  5. Yea, nothing circulating is the correct coloring of it. There's almost too much of it out there to avoid now if you're the Rams.
  6. Oddly enough, the actual logo is worse ...this logo on the hat is the "neon sign" version that all the Draft hats are this season, and we won't see that on anything else but the draft hat.
  7. Thankfully, you're wrong on those 3 guesses. The uniform color itself is not off-putting, just the design on it.
  8. Also in that of the Nets players threw the ball to the ref on a play because he's wearing the exact shade of grey as the Nets jerseys and also black pants (like the black tights that the Nets players are wearing). Ooops!
  9. This. Gonna be tough to make the Knicks "cool" again without having competent players, though, haha. As for their current brand, I don't mind it at all. I could do without the silver in their uniforms, but they're nice otherwise. Their City unis have been well-designed, but they just don't get publicity because, again, the players in them are awful (or injured, in Porzingis' case). I will say that next season's City uni does NOT look promising from what I've seen, lol. It won't matter, though, because they won't be getting any marquee players to wear it. Also, give me this guy (with some obvious clean-up) as an alternate logo, in the vein of Philly's Big Ben:
  10. you'd have to make sure the white outline was thick enough to be legible from a far distance (unlike the below photo), but i tend to agree with you
  11. probably Atlanta too, since they likely sell well (i don't have the figures). will be interesting to see how creative they get with the 3rd kits. hopefully not just some off-brand recolors of existing templates.
  12. Lol, certainly an interesting ram. Maybe a cousin of my red goat logo
  13. Agreed. #ShamelessPlug
  14. ^ what's with the '24' on that jersey? def not the one Kobe wore. how could they not have one of his jerseys lying around?! yeeesh