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  1. ^ looking at the official logosheet, both wordmarks are technically still in the style guide (in addition to an oblique version of the "old" wordmark), but I too am happy they have a block-type wordmark option now, too. Much more reflective of the rest of their branding.
  2. from what i saw of the merch related to the canceled Jazz mashup uniform, it could have been nice. certainly very different than the Red Rocks theme. now we'll never know!
  3. At least it's not the blue uniforms?
  4. I'm almost 100% certain that's just a lazy render, since the court itself is not the main thing being rendered. If anything, the main court for sure will be the same, but i GUESS it could be an alternate court, but they've never done that and it seems highly unlikely.
  5. Agreed. Their primary is very nice now (aside from the TERRIBLY crafted letterforms, but that's another discussion) and will certainly be around for a long time. They either need a skull/piston alternate logo or maybe a new interpretation of the horse/ball logo from the '90s. Something with some character and creativity to it. The DP ain't it.
  6. same thing for my Pistons...i wish some version of this Pistons GT logo was an alt logo for the irl team
  7. ^ nah, they did it to follow the sign that it's patterned after:
  8. ^ that's a big no, Cujo. Nets aren't getting anything new, and Gameplan Chicago is talking about doing a retrospective on their previous branding of the late-90s Nets. Nothing to see here...
  9. for anyone else, please direct any comments about the NBA's 75th anniversary logo to the 2021/22 thread. thanks! to stay on topic here for the 2020/21: i TOO hate that we won't see the Suns Icon and Association uniforms in the Finals. smdh.
  10. lol yea, they'll be putting the player's number in the 2" area where the ad is now and putting the ad in the 8" area where the number is now. smfh.
  11. Probably a 2nd place (behind Lakers gold v Suns purple) for best color matchup of the offseason: Might also consider Hawks red v Philly blue, but I like the above slightly more.
  12. Agreed. It's always better for the home team to wear a colored uniform that isn't the color of the paint area, too.
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