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  1. Throwback matchup, though, not ideal, as they never played against eachother in road uniforms back then, and teal and purple are kinda close in hue. I'm moreso looking forward to the Raps playing the Grizz on Sunday, wearing the white dino unis.
  2. I think that's just a random trophy "clip art" placed next to the official logo. There's not an official new logo that has a trophy in it. I can confirm that 100%
  3. Nope. I'm not sure I'd like one, tbh. It would certainly have to be a lighter shade of gold.
  4. agreed, and unfortunately, things won't be getting any better next season. smdh.
  5. I even saw a couple white guys getting logos superimposed on their skin in some instances, haha. Fun stuff.
  6. seems certainly possible, but it's not like it's a great logo, haha. gone are the days of the creative playoffs and Finals logos.
  7. the Bulls uni (and i guess the Wizards uni?) is the ONLY one where this blatant shoving Jordan Brand down our throats make sense. so unnecessary, especially when it's literally just a swapping out of the manufacturer logo. MAYBE if they would have changed the design to the Statement unis to reflect Jordan somehow, but that doesn't make sense to do, either. booooo
  8. The Hawks also used the 2K team to "soft rollout" the eventual color change for the NBA team. The below tweet happened months before College Park even joined twitter.
  9. i'd imagine production hasn't started on those things, so they'll probably just redesign on the 2022 templates, maybe taking elements from things that have already been designed and signed off on.
  10. yea, sadly that's nothing but Mitchell rocking a cool hoodie. agreed that they should consider a throwback down the line, though. these are sweeeeeet
  11. Makes sense to remove that option...probably the worst of the bunch.
  12. if said fast, that name makes me think of a charlatan, haha
  13. Ugh, i don't like any of those names...i guess I prefer Carolina Gliders, because it's not a "euro-fied" name? Hoping they at least get the colors right, by embracing teal as the main color. No one in MLS uses it, and it can make for a sharp look if done well.