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  1. You're correct to be wary. That image is not representative of the design.
  2. Nah, there's only 3 teams left who haven't officially announced their new Statement unis
  3. Of the "guesses," you've got 9 main colors correct and of the "for sure" section, you've got 6 correct.
  4. Remember, that's just a t-shirt using the wordmark / # that will be on the jersey. The new CIty jersey will be the same yellow that they've been using for their Icon jerseys.
  5. ^ that's navy, not black
  6. Looks like someone needs to follow me on twitter... also, yes i enjoyed the Nike Rewind series back in the day:
  7. I'll call it 12ish correct guesses of main colors for the above quoted uniforms that we havent seen officially unveiled or leaked. Not bad.
  8. Reminds me of this old tweet...
  9. Notice how I was the only one who liked your post, haha.
  10. Welp... (fwiw, i think people will like it)
  11. Nope. LeBron is wearing a Chinese knock-off uniform and the team will not be wearing that other uniform this season. Sorry to disappoint all.