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  1. So the whole “teams will change their statement jersey every 2 years” thing that Nike said when the switchover occurred was more of a suggestion than a mandate?
  2. I’ll never be on board with the Celtics in black but the contrasting accessories looked good for the Thunder. I wish more teams would do that rather than submit to the Color Rush look.
  3. Living in Michigan, it's quite the opposite in my experience. The enlarged "D" was extremely noticeable on the hats and drew significant outcry.There is a contingent that dislikes the jersey change as well, but it's not nearly as vociferous.
  4. This is only the second time the Pistons have worn royal blue in like 2.5 months, so I’m looking at it as positive in spite of the contrast.
  5. No such luck. At least the Lakers stick to their traditional colors - the Pistons are a gray and black only team these days. I can’t remember the last time they used royal blue..
  6. My biggest gripe with them is the thick blue shoulder piping which doesn't match their regular home and away jersey and my feeling that they shouldn't be the "statement" jersey (which seems to essentially be equivalent with alternate jerseys of yesteryear in Nike speak) over the red alternates they used to use, which were a much better fit in their identity.
  7. What a shame for a game between two teams with great historical identities/brands like the Celtics and Pistons to end up being a black vs. gray matchup (for the second time this season, I believe.) The Celtics have done a pretty good job (other than the black jersey) of maintaining their brand in the Nike era, but the Pistons have let theirs go to hell outside the classic home and road..
  8. Imagine my delight as a Pistons fan - we have both.
  9. As much as I dislike gray jerseys outside of baseball, there's part of me that feels like this could look decent if the Lions could use the blue pants with the gray top.
  10. Man, Nike 1.0 was great back in the late 90s/early 2000s. That's why I was pretty excited when they landed the league outfitting deal, though it's definitely been a massive disappointment so far. I guess since they only covered 8 teams back then, they could dedicate more resources per team? That, or unfortunately, the industry as a whole just continues to get cheaper and less creative (yay templates!) There was even some degree of individuality to warm-ups in Nike 1.0; I remember the Pistons and Celtics having warm-ups inspired from their classic eras.
  11. I am admittedly a traditionalist, but my biggest gripe with these "City" jerseys are that most teams are vastly overusing them. The Pistons, for instance, will be using theirs 18 TIMES! That's a quarter of the freaking season (almost.) That's way, way too much. As much as I don't like a lot of these, if they were only being used a handful of times, such as Minnesota with the Prince tribute jerseys only being used 6 times, it'd be much more palatable. But 18 times is just way off the rails. Teams with iconic brands are being thrown to the wayside.
  12. I’ve wanted these back since they were discontinued 10 years ago, for reasons the team never made clear. They’re certainly far better than anything the Pistons have come up with since then. I hope maybe they’ll be the “statement” jerseys next year when those are due to be refreshed, but I’m not holding my breath - probably more navy or “chrome” crap.
  13. I posted this in the NBA changes thread and will repeat it here. As one of the few remaining Pistons fans in existence, it is quite disheartening how their alternate jerseys keep getting worse and worse year after year. Honestly it’s a little impressive how the “Chrome” and “Motor City” jerseys have gotten worse in every incarnation.
  14. Atrocious. As one of the few remaining Pistons fans in existence, it saddens me how their alternate jerseys keep getting worse and worse every year.