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  1. The previous Lakers set was infinitely better than what they’re using now. What a huge downgrade, IMO; although I suppose it could have been hard to stay in those in light of the Kobe tragedy.
  2. That’s not new - the Tigers have had navy/white at home and navy/orange on the road for many years.
  3. As a Pistons fan, I wouldn’t mind bringing back some element of the horse identity as a secondary logo. It would beat the various “DP” monograms they’ve been using for the last 15 years. Leave the primary logo and classic home and road jersey alone, though.
  4. And almost every team wised up and dropped the gray jersey, except the Pistons. *sigh*
  5. I remain hopeful that the "City" fad will die out at some point but I guess that's naive.
  6. Yep, it was modified slightly in 2001 when the Pistons went back to R/W/B (thank goodness for that) but otherwise it’s the same font, lettering too. It’s a pretty established part of their brand now (seeing as it’s going on 25 years old) so it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. No, he was at the unveiling but left that summer in free agency to join the Knicks.
  8. Really poor contrast game tonight with the Hornets in light gray vs the Pistons in white.
  9. Is this going to roll out to all of the RSNs? I liked their current flat/metro package but I suppose something was bound to change sooner or later since those are rebranding under Sinclair at some point.
  10. I'm OK with that as a road alt for the Tigers, if real. Would be a lot better if it had orange piping up the outside of the buttons to match the home jersey. A home alt would be blasphemy, though.
  11. Man Rev30 was so bad. Between that and the sleeves I'm not sure Nike isn't the lesser evil, even with the crazy alts and jersey schedules.
  12. Tigers are showing a similar navy alternate: Guessing it's a mislabeled BP or fashion jersey.
  13. The material is definitely a big step up from the Adidas Rev 30. The tiny holes in the fabric always struck me as more akin to something a cash-strapped high school athletic department would bulk order from an Eastbay catalog than something that belonged on an authentic jersey in a professional sports league.
  14. The Pistons back in 2009 had a memorial patch for their previous owner, Bill Davidson, on the back collar of their jerseys. It was intended to be permanent but only lasted for a season or two if memory serves, I believe until the team was sold to Tom Gores in 2011. I guess long term the league would have made them remove it anyway with the implementation of the gold championship patches on the rear collars.
  15. A shame as the Kobe era jerseys are so much better than the 2018 revamps, IMO.