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  1. I was always very anti-navy for the Pistons, but it certainly works better with gray than bright royal blue and red. But I don’t think they should have a primarily gray jersey to begin with; gray should be a tertiary color only, used minimally in alternate logos.
  2. This question has been haunting me for the better part of a decade. And that “Motor City” jersey from last (this?) season doesn’t count.
  3. That jersey is bad enough to begin with (gray not really looking right as a primary color on an NBA jersey and the thick shoulder piping not matching their regular home and away), but a Jordan logo on a Pistons jersey? As a long time Pistons fan, I feel nauseous.
  4. In and of itself, it’s decidedly mediocre. However, with the current volt and triangles look being so bad, this is quite the upgrade.
  5. Probably the “City” jersey.
  6. Thanks, Conrad. Unfortunately that’s all the confirmation I need to know that I’m not going to like what’s in the pipeline for the next few seasons. Hopefully 2022 is the year. At least we still have the classic home and road jersey until then.
  7. The Pistons have hired Mike Zavodsky from ROC Nation to take over creative operations, among other responsibilities. Hopefully this is an upgrade for them; he replaces Charlie Metzger who has said in the past (inaccurately as far as I can tell) that Hardwood Classics can only be used in anniversary seasons, and that he had very much wanted to bring Pistons fans more black jerseys. Of course, as always, I'm hoping that perhaps this opens the door to this coming back in the not too distant future:
  8. The whole Drake/OVO set was never a particularly good look, IMO. I liked the one they had before that a lot better. It's probably unrealistic for that to come back, but I hope it's something more based on that than the Drake look. Edit: Reading the article, an identity based on the Chevron jersey would be horrific.
  9. Those shiny green/red Bucks jerseys with the beveled word mark were atrocious.
  10. It just reeks of gimmicky minor league baseball branding. I find it so off-putting in a professional sports league.
  11. I would much rather have a classic jersey be a regular part of the rotation than these worthless (for the most part) City uniforms.
  12. 2022. The beat writer all but confirmed it. Some interesting stuff in that article about how classic jerseys are allowed which I’m not sure is accurate based on how often other teams have throwbacks. But then Jason George is not very good at picking out/designing alternates based on how awful the Pistons alternates have been for over 10 years.
  13. What a tease from Mitchell & Ness. Right jersey, wrong player.
  14. Eesh. Who’s starting the Falcons 2025 rebrand thread?