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  1. Of course, the one year the Pistons made the playoffs in 2018-19, Nike skipped doing Earned editions the following season. Looks like that was my only hope to ever see them in the reds again, given how much someone in their branding department seems to love the atrocious “Chromes.”
  2. I’d settle for “meh.” A lot of them are downright bad.
  3. All of that and the Nike jersey material is a huge improvement from the Adidas Rev30, which made authentic jerseys look cheap and like something a cash strapped high school athletic department would be bulk ordering from an Eastbay catalog. I was quite happy when Nike got the contract in 2017, remembering the great job they did for 8 teams in the late 90s and early 2000s. They oversaw some great rebrands/refreshes in that time (Lakers, Heat, and Pistons come to mind for me) and had some bespoke warm-ups, something sorely lacking in the modern NBA. While the city program is a mess IMO, and the predetermined jersey schedules aren’t great, overall Nike is still absolutely a step up from the job Adidas did.
  4. That’s all well and good in theory, but again, I believe that most people here could live with the City program and its amateurism, if not for the jerseys being so grossly overused. Cut down on the them from being used 20-30 times per season to somewhere like 8-10 times and I personally could live with whatever crap they continue to fling at the walls.
  5. Even though I don’t like it, I could accept a lot of this, but not the frequency, which is what I think most of the “old heads” biggest complaint is. There’s absolutely no reason beyond trying to increase sales that these jerseys (most of which aren’t even good) need to be used so often. 20-25% of the time, tops. Not the 50% or more it feels like we’re getting now.
  6. Pandora’s Box has been opened unfortunately. These aren’t ever going to go away now.
  7. This for sure. I don’t particularly like most of the City jerseys and some of the Statement jerseys, but I can live with all of them if they weren’t so vastly overused. To me, there’s absolutely no reason a Black City jersey that has nothing to do with the team’s regular branding needs to be used 20+ times in an 82 game season. But I guess Nike and the NBA have some analytics that indicate that frequency increases jersey sales or something.
  8. I was channel flipping last night and saw a bit of the Raptors/Hornets game on NBA TV. The new Raptors jerseys (at least the Icon) isn’t as bad in reality as it seemed like they might be from renderings or pics of the replicas on shopping racks. Still far from great but I think they might be better than the previous set.
  9. They really need some fresh blood in the marketing/design department. Hopefully things will get better in the coming years with their new G-League team next year which is taking on the Motor City moniker (presumably removing it from the parent club branding) and the rumored 2022 classic editions of the 90s Teals. Do those things and swap out “Chrome” for the 2000s reds and they’d be relatively set.
  10. I never get over how out of place that black jersey looks next to their classics.
  11. Yikes. And I thought “Motor City” was a shtick that had been driven into the ground.
  12. Here's the video I was talking about that explains the rationale for that incarnation of the jersey:
  13. I'm hoping that this means with their G-League team adopting the "Motor City" moniker, it gets dropped from the parent club branding moving forward. And while I don't want teal back in the Pistons identity, I certainly wouldn't mind a cleaned up/modernized version of either of these logos as a secondary instead of the various "DP" monograms they've been using for the past 15 years.
  14. The backstory was the Raiders once sent the Bad Boys Pistons some gear. Quite a reach, I agree. There was a video posted on the Pistons site about it, I’ll see if I can find it. Edit: I couldn’t find the video, but here is an article that talks about it:
  15. You may be right about the current iteration, but this monstrosity was black and silver in a homage to the Raiders.