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Redundant Threads Topics and Other Announcements

Attack the post, not the Poster!

When argueing about your team/player/coach/whatever, please remember, debate the post made, don't attack the poster making them. Any attacks will get edited out and may lead to a suspension. If you can't think of a way to respond to a post, please resist the urge to attack the poster making the somments

*-Re-Aligned NHL/'MLB/NFL/NBA etc.-*

This topic has been brought up countless times. We'd all put the Whalers back in Hartford if we could. But we can't, they are gone. So are the Nordiques, and the Jets, and the Expos, and the whatevers. We all have ideas about what our ideal NHL/MLB/NBA/NFL would be, and they have been said before.

If you want to do a topic like this, do it as a "what if?" concepts project in that forum.

*-Merged Threads-*

Before you post some big news, please check to see that it hasn't already been posted here or in Sports Logos by mistake.

Any topic that has a *merged* in the title is the official thread for that topic. Any other threads created on the topic will be removed.

*-Playing Mod aka pulling a Craven-*

There are 9 moderators and 1 admin on the board. Though we appreaciate the help, we are all quite capable of knowing when a thread whould be locked/graveyarded.


Any further posts on these topics or any other topics added by the other mods get an automatic warning for spamming. Board members are asked to alert a mod if they see such a topic, and not make a one line post along the lines of

"Not this again" - "This has been done" -or "Post Whore"

Thats spamming/post-whoring itself (unless you're very clever and funny). Worry about your won posts, and still maoning about what others are doing. Tell a mod and they'll deal with it

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