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NFL Playoff Pool


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I think given the success of the NCAA tournament pool I ran last year, it's time for me to run an NFL playoff pool.

The rules are quite simple. Pick the winner of each NFL playoff game. You get credit if the team you select makes it to the round you say they will (even if they go through the bracket differently than you predict - 4 and 5 seeds, I'm looking at you!)

You'd get one point for each game you select correctly on Wild-Card Weekend, 2 points for each Divisional game you get right, 4 for each correct team out of the Conference Championship, and 6 for picking the Super Bowl winner. There are also one-point bonuses for correctly predicting an entire conference, and correctly picking all four games on either of the first two weekends.

If you are interested in entering, please PM me with your selections. Remember that 6 seeds play 1 seeds in the Divisional Playoffs, and 3 seeds play 2 seeds. (The 4/5 winner plays the other seeded team.

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Tell you what. Just to make it simple, I'll just take all the complete brackets in the playoff projections thread and give out one place per 5 predictions, up to a max of 10 places. Just post them there by Saturday at 4 PM and we'll go from there.

(thread in question: http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=31207)

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Less than 24 hours remain to post your entries for the playoff pool! As a reminder, the thread is right here...


...and I will accept any entry posted before 4 PM EST to be valid. Right now, we have 37 entries, and I do want to make it to 50 if at all possible.

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