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Old nhl logo


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I know this was talked about but I can't find the thread. It's about the old NHL logo in ESPN NHL Hockey, on the historic rink. Many people here thought the logo was made uo for the game. I thought that too. But today in my study at school I was flipping through this book the Hockey chronicals, it about the history of hockey year by year, up untill the 2001-2002 season. I came to this picture of Herb Brooks when he was the Rangers coach. In the picture he was wearing a rangers jacket on the sleeve it had that logo on it. Since this was about 1981, I'm assuming the logo was an alternate one to the shield logo the NHL still uses today. Unfortunatly it was a reference book so I couldn't check it out, and scan a picture of it.

If anyone has the link to that thread it would help. Like I said I went through the archives and couldn't find it.

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