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2003-04 nhl jerseys


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I apoligize, because this has probably been discussed 100 times, but why did the nhl decide all of a sudden to change the home jerseys to colored and the away jerseys to white? Why did they change it? It looks extremely weird to me to the the Rangers play the Devils in New Jersey with the Devils wearing the red, I don't know if I can get used to this.
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Heres a quick rundown...

They decided last year to make the switch because of increased airport security its a pain in the ass to take 2 sets of jerseys... why do they two sets? beacause all alternates are dark colours... so they had two choices alternates are now all white or just switch the homes and roads...

actually when they started using home and roads the darks were homes... the league switched so blood was easier to hide on teh road jerseys... lets face it they didnt have excellent laundry facilities for road teams back then...

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