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World Baseball Classic Signatures


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I think I've made more posts in the "Concepts" forum this week then I did all last month.

Anyway, I've made some World Baseball Classic signature pictures people can use. I had 4 done (USA, China, Netherlands and Cuba), but after Barry Bonds dropping out, I've had to edit the USA one, so that'll be up soon (EDIT: It's in now!). I'm also working on the other ones.

Here's the ones I do have:

Cuba's celebrates it's success in international Competition... and it's close ties with the Fidel Castro regime.


For the Netherlands, I decided to emphasize the fact that the Dutch are drawing from various talent pools: Holland itself, and Holland's remaining colonial possessions. So I have Andruw Jones, easily the best player on their team, and I also have a picture of Dutch Pitcher Rob Cordesmans, a pitcher in the Holland Major League.


For China, I used pictures of Jim Lefebvre and pictures of the Great Wall and China Baseball League action. This is the suckiest sign in the bunch.


And Here's the Team USA:


And Australia:


The other Nations are in the works!

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They are okay. The Team USA backround is a little out of order (at least on my computer) because the edges of the sig are different all the way around.

A suggestion would be to use players in action and on the field instead of putting the player photos in the backround.

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I bring you the Australian signature! It features Dave Nilsson (1999 MLB All-Star), Justin Huber (one of the top prospects in the Royals system) and Jeff Williams (a relief pitcher in the Japanese leagues)


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