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  1. Classy fans in Boston clapping all the way through the handshake. I don't know if I remember seeing that before. Kinda disappointed that they didn't go through, would have loved to see them play Pittsburgh... and make it to the finals for an original 6 battle.
  2. To his credit though, he was behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinhart - two QB's who did very well in college. It's "Leinart." [/gingerbreadmann]
  3. Looks to me as the Ossi Vaananen pick up is a move that gives Gillis a bit more leeway as far as trades go with Ohlund. (Contrary to the report above about Ohlund testing FA.)
  4. Yuck. Especially for 2010 women's.
  5. What about this one? Fan Behavior bets: Throw something on field most likely: (1st Caught On Camera) Soda 2/1 Beer 5/2 Hot dog 3/1 Burger 8/1 Nachos 10/1 Chili 15/1 Popcorn 3/1 Pizza 10/1 Coffee 4/1 Pretzels 6/1 Corn Dogs 5/1 French Fries 7/1 Or.. Number of fans ejected from game (On Camera) Over: 1 5/6 Under: 1 5/6 Then there's always the over/under 3.5: Times Kurt Warner's wife is shown on the broadcast.
  6. Wow, well, I can say I'm a lot happier playing the Cards than the Eagles, as the Eagles match up well against the Steelers. I'm not going to put this one in the bank by any means, Kurt Warner + offence is dangerous and they have shown this post-season that they can stop the run too. Obviously looking forward to seeing the Steelers win their second Super Bowl in my lifetime. It surely is awesome being a Steelers fan.
  7. The. Canucks. suck. It's like all the players on the Canucks were expecting Sundin to come in and totally make them the best thing ever. Truth is, since Sundin has been signed, they've looked terrible. Now having the number one goalie out doesn't help, but LaBarbera has actually played a lot of good games giving the team a chance to win.
  8. Not quite. He is 39th in Goals however he is 11th in Assists and 16th in Points. He was part of the 2002/03 Memorial Cup Champion Kitchner Rangers and plus was Captain of Team Canada when they ended their seven-year Gold-less drought at the WJHC. There is zero reason why he shouldn't be on that team. Oops, I was thinking about his teammate, Jeff Carter, who IS number one in goals. My mistake.
  9. A BIG no to Jovanovski. He's a liability on defense, and at his age, isn't worth it for his offense. Mike Richard for SURE needs to be on the team. Isn't he 1st or second in goals this year? He's an incredible leader too. God yound talent. As for goalies, I'd go with Luongo-Brodeur, with Carey Price as the third for experience.
  10. I'd adopt the same rules as the NCAA overtime, except each team has to start from their own 20 or 30 yard line.
  11. Did you know fact: Sam Bradford is a huge Vancouver Canucks fan. He wanted his family to move to Canada when he was a kid because he wanted to learn to play hockey. Here's one blog with the story: http://neatesager.blogspot.com/2008/12/he-...s-but-also.html From last year, but I guess the title applies after today's game too.
  12. BCBoy

    NFL Playoffs

    HOMER ALERT: Super Bowl: Steelers over Panthers
  13. After reading the first line I was sure this was from the Onion or something...
  14. Lions had many opportunities to put the Stamps away in the first half, but couldn't deliver a knock out blow. Sooooooo disappointing after the defence stepped up big time and really played lights out in the playoffs. Congrats to Calgary and Montreal.
  15. 19. Fans who sit on the edge of their seat THE ENTIRE GAME. Ya know there's someone right beside you that wants to see the play in the corner too...