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More Future Pro Football Hall of Famers


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Okay, so my previous post dealt with guys not yet eligible for the hall, now how about the ones who are? Here are a group of guys that arguably deserve in, including some perennial finalists. Feel free to add to my list below, and comment on the guys I've mentioned, please.

Players who will most likely make it in within the next two years or so:

Michael Irvin?the drug issues may have delayed his induction somewhat

Derrick Thomas?too dominant to be ignored, even in just 11 seasons

Thurman Thomas?a monster year in and year out

Players who are deserving, but may have to wait a little while longer:

L.C. Greenwood?an excellent player; I have no idea why this guy's not in there already

Claude Humphrey?good enough to be inducted, but the relatively mediocre Falcons teams he played for have probably caused him to be passed up up to this point; I'm guessing he'll be in pretty soon

Dermontti Dawson?excellent center; he won't have to wait too long

Art Monk?someday soon, especially with 13 solid seasons with Washington that included three championships

Andre Reed?with the kind of numbers he has, and four straight Super Bowls (even if he lost them all), he should have enough to get in

Bob Kuechenberg?one of the best guards of the '70's; he should get in eventually (although some might think that his two interior line buddies who are already in overshadowed him somewhat)

Richard Dent?should be just a matter of time for him; the championship he won could help

Russ Grimm?a dominant left guard, and member of three super bowl winning teams, he sure has a good shot

Lester Hayes?was it the stickum or something?

Gary Zimmerman?one of the better tackles of his time; not likely to be stranded for too many more years

Players who are questionable:

Ken Stabler?why is the snake being left out in the cold every year? I can't explain this one

Randy Gradishar?the hall must have something against the late '70's/early '80's Broncos (even with that Super Bowl appearance), because he was the best of all of them, and he's still getting snubbed

Andre Tippett?has a problem similar to Randy Gradishar's, it seems

Ray Guy?the best punter ever, but the hall seems to have this strange aversion to kickers and punters

Fred Dean?may have needed a couple more good years under his belt

Roger Wehrli?a very good defensive back, but he played for a crappy team, which isn't helping him

Andy Russell?he's been totally overlooked for reasons that escape me

Cliff Harris?may not have played for long enough, but he certainly was successful when he was active (the guy was even a finalist a few years ago!)

Jim Marshall?another former finalist, and the most durable defensive player ever, but he's not even on the list now; maybe the mis-directed fumble return has something to do with it...

Steve Tasker?I would love to see him become the first non-punting/kicking special teams guy to make it in, but I'm not sure if the hall would give him fair consideration

Jerry Kramer?one of the most glaring omissions from the pre-70's NFL, arguably one of the best O-linemen of his era; since he's not even on the regular list anymore, the Senior Committee is going to have to salvage his chances, and I hope they do

Mick Tingelhoff?the third most consecutive games in league history, plus a lot of talent, and the guy's not even being considered anymore?

Cliff Branch?a good receiver, but it's tough when you were Fred Biletnikoff's teammate


Jeff Van Note?the guy was good at what he did, and lasted a hell of a long time, but his teams were never really much of a threat, and that's presumably been a detriment to him

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