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Lithuanian Track Jackets


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I was wondering if anyone here knew where I could find a Lithuanian track jacket, like the ones worn in the Olympics by the Lithuanian basketball team a couple years back. They're pretty sweet, and unfortunately, I haven't found them ever and figured you guys would know.

Also, for that matter, does anyone know where I could find Poland track jackets as well?

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Well considering the fact that i am in Lithuania right now and i have been here since the 2nd of January and i will be here till the 30th of april ( i am studying abroad this semister) i havent seen anything like that even over here becasue i am in the city of Klaipeda ( a port city right on the baltic) that has the largest mall, akropolis, over here i was looking for that type of thing and they really dont have that much in the way of the Jacket type thing for there team.......i think that is kinda wierd due to the nature of the fact that it is their national sport.........but i will keep my eyes out for anything

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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