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College fantasy logo help


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Hey Guys,

I normally do not ask for logo or help. But I am limited with my software. I was hoping someone might be willing to assist.

Nitroseed has a a really nice logo for the Goldrush, that gives a 3D affect to the logo. I am working on a logo for my fantasy college (there is a posting about this somewhere in the forum as well).  I have chosen the Red Forest University, home of the Giants, in reference to the Redwoods in Humbodt Park in California. I have two designs but not happy with either.

If someone would be willing to help me out achieve that 3d feel it would be great.  I have the two images posted here:


along with Nitro's logo next to it to compare. Anyone willing to help.

For back ground infromation. I am looking at the main body color of uniforms and such to be Dark Green and highlighted in the other colors listed on the images.

Thanks for anyone willing to take a shot.

"Try not to have a good time ... This is supposed to be educational."

- Charles Schulz


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