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    USFL Tweaks

    Interesting ideas here, well done.
  2. Not sure if this is the right forum. But in 1976 my parents help me build the full NFL collection of mini helmets from Pizza Hut or Dairy Queen, can’t remember which. Still have them stored. Has the NFL done a similar collection in the last decade? Just curious you can see them here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1976-dairy-queen-laich-football-ice-407750697
  3. This is easy: Spiders it is already built in. Should not take much time.
  4. The fact it uses a net and a fishing boat can mean either Kraken or Sockeye. It is Kraken look at the image on the shirt of the young man. + I am curious about the suspenders I see the letters “en” cannot make out the rest.
  5. Maybe tomorrow we will know. NHLSeattle posted a video 5 minutes a go! Go Kraken!
  6. Need to find a way to host graphics again.
  7. Don’t remember all the people who helped. But my Washington Rattlers Fantasy Logo, based on the don’t thread on me flag would be an outside the box idea for the change in DC.
  8. Chargers and Browns got it right! Pats biggest losers!
  9. Silver helmets are now out of place. The should have made it white at this point. The silver is now out of place.
  10. Why call them anything, because we can not agree 100%, maybe we should just pack it in before we start. The big thing at this point is they should have a name and colors otherwise it will be underwhelming and lost it the large picture. Look at the PR is getting on releasing new uniforms and the draft....
  11. Surprised not orange pants but still a nice clean look.
  12. I am sure the author will be fine with a percentage and the free advertising. I get it, you’re going to argue about Kraken or Krakens there is always 30% of people that will disagree. It is all opinions anyways. I am telling you in my belief it will be Kraken(s). You can dig up polls when this started that say “Metropolitans” was the name. I guess we will all see.
  13. Sockeyes is copyrighted and NHL is avoiding those issues.
  14. Really because every poll that is given people dismiss the result, the result shows that Kraken wins the poll either by large numbers or small. So glean from it what you will.
  15. If my shot does not work, look it up on their twitter feed... it is dated 4/10 you will see a bunch of polls and a post in that about a team name with a poll.
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