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  1. Since it's required to have "In God We Trust" I wouldn't look for it to be any good. Best we can hope for I think is that they don't pull a Georgia and try to adopt another Confederate Flag in place of the battle flag. Honestly I'll be shocked if they don't go with the Bicentennial flag seeing as its the one they're already unofficially using now that the old flag was finally taken out behind the woodshed. It's boring but not blue field with seal boring at least. And it has the In God We Trust.
  2. Yeah the centralized model was and may still be the best way to keep teams safe (though MLS has found that it isn't fool proof either). But the playing in home cities thing? Stupid. IF they get into the season there are just too many points of failure with the teams moving around the country over 60 games.
  3. I don't know if it's narrow mindedness so much as it's the Big 4 being the Big 4 and the sports you list being in the "everyone else" category. Our entire sports landscape is designed around the Big 4 sports... none of which are currently playing. Plus as has been mentioned the Big 4 being team sports with huge infrastructures around them run into the issue of COVID much harder than a NASCAR team that is social distanced wearing masks by the nature of their sport, or a golfer who is virtually alone at all times playing his sport, or a UFC fighter where Dana White gives no :censored:s if his fighters live or die.
  4. I agree, if the owners can afford it. I think the biggest assumption we're all making, and rightly so I'd mention in the absence of evidence to the contrary, is that the owners are rolling in the dough. Of course we don't know for sure given that they never open their books and really the only insight into their finances we get are when they occasionally let it slip (like the Padres admitting they're just now paying off the debt they took on to buy the team), or when they toss a boatload of cash at big name players. But those glimpses don't really support the idea that the owners are losing money. I think it's more likely the owners these days are buying teams less for love of the game, and more as an investment for their billions. A's owner John Fisher is case and point, the guy never attends games... so what's the point of owning the team if not for investment purposes only. And the mere hint of going cash negative even if just for a year or two max is such an anathema to them that they see it like any other investment prevent the short term loss or divest. That's why they don't care about the long term harm they're causing the game because if it becomes a long term cash problem they'll just divest then and move their money elsewhere.
  5. Talk about polar opposites. A’s announced today they’re furloughing their scouts and will not pay their minor leaguers after Sunday. Padres and Marlins have announced their staff and minor leaguers will continue to be paid through what would have been the traditional end of the MiLB season at the end of August.
  6. Not officially. But MiLB insiders have been pretty unanimous that the season is lost. And that the 40 team cut is coming in the 20-21 off season. MiLB as we knew it is dead, not just for the year, but for good.
  7. After the MLBPA's response to the owners, which I totally understand and support, I'm starting to wonder if MLB won't end up playing a pseudo season with scabs in some form.
  8. I think I've finally settled on the KTWiz. Only team I've seen in person when they wintered for a few games in San Diego, and I appreciate the plucky expansion team aspect.
  9. My God, it's an abomination... I mean all the dirt sliding pad fields were, but to see a grass field so sullied...
  10. I mean with Oakland and San Diego sitting there as well it makes sense to pull out of over saturated and/or under-performing markets and pivot. San Diego was pretty high on the Fleet before the AAF folded, outdrawing all fo the XFL teams as was San Antonio as you mention. That was always my biggest gripe with the new XFL, they placed too many teams in cities already served by the NFL. That the LA Wildcats relocating to San Diego would be a sweet tiny piece of revenge, that in no way makes up for the Chargers relocation, also doesn't hurt my feelings on the matter.
  11. I'll take, "Things I Didn't Expect to Read Today" for $1000 Alex. Seriously though, I like the speculation that they could move the under performing teams to cities that would better appreciate them like Oakland and San Diego.
  12. Case and point. Lew Wolff former owner of the A's and Earthquakes is another. Hell he was a blatant example as he dumped one team when his land swap dream died and he dropped the other as soon as it had been consummated.
  13. Always the best kind of sports owner... one who is in it for the land acquisition.
  14. This'll probably go over as well as the last time they tried to change the ball...