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  1. A’s just announced their likely to lose the entire opening series. Giants are likely in the same boat as are the Mariners.
  2. Got confirmation of that at the first game. They’ll have a Torrey Green one next year.
  3. Probably not. Stone’s Brew gardens are chock full of kids all day long. Beer is just part of San Diego like wine is France.
  4. Gonna have to disagree on the logo. The original logo had a fatal flaw in real usage... it was too small on caps. Largely due to how much wasted space it had around it. The 85 logo tightened it up putting a lot more visible logo in the same space.
  5. I guess that’s one take. IMO Big reason they didn’t flub the recent redesign is they stayed away from both that font and the three colors.
  6. San Diego Loyal (USL C) unveiled their kit and sponsor tonight! Couldn’t find a better San Diego sponsor than they did in Stone.
  7. San Diego Loyal revealed their jersey and sponsor tonight... Stone Brewing! Not a better San Diego sponsor could they have found.
  8. Probably not outside BP.
  9. Nazi cap junked as it should be as its an ugly POS, the Padres Spring uni is not bad up close
  10. Padres Spring Jersey is pretty good though. Hadn’t seen this anywhere before today.
  11. Bingo. If they’re going to make a change either this or going back to a lone wildcard in each league is the only change needed.
  12. See that’s the reason baseball is my favorite. It’s always happening. Football to me is kinda meh because it’s out of sight out of mind most of the year. Couldn’t care less about draft shows and all the off season BS they do to try and drum up interest.
  13. Any playoff where a sub 500 team would regularly make it as would happen under this proposal is a joke.