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  1. Are we thinking Big XII partition/disillusion is the far more likely outcome rather than the Big XII trying to save itself and acquire replacements?
  2. I mean I've been questioning the validity of both gymnastics and figure skating as "sports" for years. I'm not a fan of anything that's primary scoring component is completely subjective. Not to say they're not all incredible feats of athleticism. But so is Circe du Soleil.
  3. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd type in a million years... "The San Diego Padres are skirting with the luxury tax threshold after their latest acquisition of MLB's leading hitter, 2B Adam Frazier" We must've stepped through the looking glass.
  4. If that were true however, what was driving the managerial class as you call them to make the change
  5. Is anyone else reporting an issue with certain ads causing problems with the forums. Specifically you'll be typing and when an ad loads, usually in one of the side spaces, the cursor on the forum section will deactivate like you've clicked away from the comment window and you have to click the cursor back into place to resume typing? It's only started happening recently.
  6. First I'd heard that... How the :censored: is baseball (and softball) not an Olympic sport... but breakdancing is now a "sport" for 2024 along side such "sports" as synchronized swimming and skateboarding.
  7. I mean it was 35 years ago. But I don't recall any real pushback. If anything the Braves went from a somewhat disjointed and odd lighter blue look back to their more classic style look so it was part of an overall big upgrade in brand. That and it happened quietly and organically as I recall. If Wahoo hadn't been in the movie, the new ballpark, and the logo during the Indians sudden 90's resurgence and instead just part of a quiet rebrand or brand adjustment in the mid to late 80's... we'd not be having half as many conversations about the Indians name today. Hell the Indians would likely be in the same boat as the Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks. There'd be calls for a change, but they'd be far more muted as they are for those 3 teams, compared to the furor over (Washington Football Team) and the overall Indians package thanks to Wahoo. I mean I think Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks (and the two MiLB Indians teams) all have an expiration date in the not too distant future. But I think you'll see those teams continue to resist a change for some time to come, with half measure such as banning the tomahawk chop and further banning of periphery things as you've seen already in KC, as well in part because they're not just in your face slurs and racist caricature.
  8. I think both helped. We can try and debate which helped keep Wahoo around longer, but fact is, both helped make him somewhat socially acceptable for far longer than other similar logos. I mean think about when the screaming brave was retired in Atlanta, 1987 which I believe was the last one to go in Major sports before Wahoo. Major League the movie came out 2 years later and made the Indians brand including Wahoo "cool". Then the Indians got good and Major League 2 came out starting in 1994. Further giving Wahoo legs. I think you take either of those away and there would have been an even bigger push to can him back then when other teams were ditching the last of the blatantly racist caricatures.
  9. They're always a :censored: to watch when they're on a opposite side of the world time zone. I mean most of the results get spoiled for the bigger events the second you view ESPN or other sports sites to find out how your MLB team did today. Kinda takes the joy out of watching if you know what's going to happen in advance.
  10. And so it begins... https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/oklahoma-texas-make-first-official-move-toward-joining-sec/TDBSBQXG7ZFIPCUOMPCVNYRNJY/
  11. Man between this, the Niners bringing back the '94 look, the Rams fixes, the Edmonton Elks rebrand... it's turning out to be a good football uniform year. Nice contrast with MLB where it's been one :censored:show after another this season.
  12. I mean I'm 40 and I remember the same thing from the 80's. And I didn't drink back then. I mean Wahoo was the of a wide range of blatantly racist caricatures around the major sports. The fact he survived so far into the 21st century is just mind boggling quite frankly. And honestly I think that's part of why the Indians name itself caught so much heat. It wasn't just that the name was bad in and of itself, it was, but it was bad in the way Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, Eskimos, etc... were bad. But it coexisted so long with the blatantly racist Wahoo that it was intimately linked to Wahoo and IMO elevated to a level like Washington's former name, despite not being an unarguably slur like Washington's former name. That said, I fully expect there will continue to be a market, however diminishing, for Wahoo merch for many years to come. But that it will eventually be mostly if not completely black market. And that it may not last forever. I mean you don't really see the screaming Brave or the basketball playing native Warrior logo on merch anymore. Wahoo will eventually fade as those that can't give it up are shamed away from it or just naturally die off.
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