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  1. Honestly I’m not sure it’s a short term thing. A sizable portion of greater LA and the IE get on the 15 every weekend and hoof it up to Vegas. The Raiders are just one more reason to do so and one more group of people (Raiders fans) incentivized to do so and will continue to do so indefinitely (or at least as long as Vegas exists). The Raiders will mine that for as long as they can. And the day they can’t is the day Vegas is shut down due to lack of water.
  2. If ever a situation that needs to be addressed were summed up by a single image it is this...
  3. When you consider San Bernardino is somewhat along the route SoCal Raiders fans (of which there are tens of thousands) will take to drive to Vegas... it makes more sense.
  4. Nah. MLS isn’t looking too seriously at Vegas. And I’ll believe MLB when I see it. Vegas was only mentioned to light a fire under Oakland given how raw they are about the Raiders... and it worked as Oakland is considering dropping the suit. We should actually hear more today.
  5. Dear God. I’d rather the team fold then wear that monstrosity.
  6. I hope there’s not. Brown is bad enough. Yellow unis are atrocious. Like watching a bunch of school buses running around.
  7. Yeah I associate the team with the 90’s unis as that was what I first saw them in. Still their best look to date. Also hearing pinstripes are at least back. Though I’m hearing they tweaked the SD on the cap to make it a little more “wavy”... whatever that means. No word on if it’s the USMC or USN camo (or both) continuing on.
  8. Padres Instagram confirmed Camo will continue to be worn on Sundays as the Padres have done for the last 15 years or so. (It’s in the comments)
  9. Not sure he was involved with the labeling. Just the formulation shortly before his untimely death.
  10. He was one person, with good taste and at least among players players he wasn’t alone.
  11. If we were early in this process I’d agree. But the A’s are about to enter year 26 of their new stadium hunt. At some point MLB will run out of patience with the frankly unprofessional environment the A’s are forced to endure.
  12. Tony’s dislike of brown has always been a prime reason I hate it. If one of the best baseball players of all time, who was an avowed student of the game, thought they looked like crap and disliked wearing them... they were crap.