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  1. Assuming they don’t fold before they’ve blown too much money. The writing is on the wall... spring 2nd rate football is not something any reasonable percentage of people want.
  2. So toss out five events people actually attend for 5 AAF games no one goes to... yeah that’s gonna happen.
  3. Being professional does not preclude one from being minor league. AAF is professional minor league football...
  4. Well that would explain why we have two leagues seemingly doing much of the same thing starting at almost the same time. Still, one has to wonder if McMahon is having second thoughts now that he’s seen there is no more market for a league in spring now then there was 18 years ago.
  5. Stub Hub Center only seats 27,000. And they don't even fill that (even when more than half the fans are opposing fans) Id say it's generous to say the Chargers get 14,000 people rooting for them every game.
  6. Would hold less water in Salt Lake. San Diego considers 60 degrees cold so the fact no one came out when it was in the 40’s and raining is hardly surprising. Be interesting to see how this week goes since weather is back to normal in SD
  7. Tatis and Hosmer are plenty of protection... And their farm system is never this strong. It’s usually middle of the pack.
  8. He might have a point. XFL is run by a guy who makes a living being a drama queen. Stands to reason he can do so in football too.
  9. Yeah it's pretty tone deaf if they didn't think this would take off as a negative once it was revealed. Should have been out in front of it with why suddenly getting $250 mil in investment along with reports of payroll problems was a good thing if it's in fact a good thing. In fact I'm shocked at the slow response for damage control once they realized the direction the narrative went if it's in fact a positive.
  10. That's one of the reasons I don't get his insistence on having all but one team in cities hosting NFL teams (not to mention a ton of other teams as well). They're not going to draw crowds any larger than the AAF (and are more likely to draw even smaller crowds in such crowded market places). Say what you will about the failure rate in cities the AAF chose like Birmingham. But at least if they somehow turn it around they're not competing against a whole hell of a lot.
  11. You mean a fly by nigh minor league was mostly smoke and mirrors on the front side counting on some major quick success to help fund their long term? Not like that's ever happened before right?
  12. Maybe 325. But it will be more.
  13. Hell I’m talking to AAF fans that refuse to believe it’s an emergency infusion of cash. They pooh pooh the whole missing payroll thing as irrelevant because “investment”.
  14. I keep seeing this sentiment but not sure why. Harper would have been more expensive and wouldn't have filled any holes in the Padres fielding lineup. I mean I guess I get the Machado can be an to opposing teams thing, but frankly who cares. His teammates always like him. Harper can't be said the same of.