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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Frankly Skateboarding looks like a peak in on really good skateboarders at your local skate park too. It's very odd to me some of the fringe sports they've added lately. I fully expect Cornhole, Dodgeball, and Beer Pong to make an appearance in the next couple of Olympics.
  2. I don't understand the attacks against her. Both in and of themselves, and because her withdrawal likely saved Silver for the US. Guess they'd have rather she pushed through, injured herself and the US have dropped off the podium? That said, I'm seeing quite a lot of second guessing on social and media in general now going the other way and questioning of past sports moments where athletes chose the other path and carried on competing with an injury or some kind of mental issue in pursuit of gold/championship/record, etc... Which frankly isn't fair to those athletes. They're different people, in different circumstances, with different priorities, etc... Just because something was right for Biles and at this point in her life and career, doesn't mean that some other athlete choosing to continue on through pain, mental or physical, wasn't equally the right decision for them.
  3. I mean if the city is named for a native tribe or person and thus so is the high school that's one thing. If the mascot or team name is appropriating the same, that's another. It's not on teams, high schools, etc... to excise any issues with a city name, if such issues exist. That's for the local, county, state governments and the US Board of Geographic Places, etc... to work out if it needs to be worked out.
  4. Only for the last handful of years. Until they removed all but Navy and White there brown calls were pretty niche. When they went full bore on boring then they got some life to them.
  5. I mean arguably the Padres stuck around. They wore Navy Blue for 30 years.
  6. That's the part that bugs me the most. They held on for so long for no real good reason. I mean look at the Braves, they've had 7 different names over the course of their history. Yet the one they've hung on to inexplicably is the one that was given to them by a Tammany Hall hack who owned the team for a brief time in the 19-teens and it's associated imagery they've been told is offensive. It would not have been hard to either revert to one of the old team names (Bees, Rustlers, Doves, Beaneaters, Red Caps, Red Stockings, pick one), or alter the underlying imagery that makes the name offensive and they could have claimed to be honoring history and being culturally sensitive. Instead now they'll come out looking like they're begrudgingly going along when they inevitably do make a change. Chiefs is even worse IMO since they've got so little native imagery left in the set, yet they inexplicably haven't removed it. If I'm not mistaken the arrow logo is all that's left. Getting rid of it and going to something otherwise "chief" related, be it Navy Chief, Fire Chief, etc... would have been so easy. Blackhawks too with the obvious bird move is just dumbfounding. I think it's the insistence of hanging on far longer than they should that really makes the move more painful and annoying that it otherwise should have been. I keep bringing up the Warriors, but they highlight just how quiet and simple a change this could have been. And it's sitting there staring these other teams in the faces.
  7. One has to wonder why they haven't made those obvious and simple changes organically over the years like say, the Warriors did. Why the insistence on hanging on to dubious imagery when many of the same Native American groups that were going after the (Washington Football Team) and Indians told the Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks that theirs weren't any better. A simple organic change in all 3 cases could have really cut off most attacks against the names at the knees.
  8. I think it'll come down to how quickly they dump any remaining native imagery from their identities. The Braves are still unquestionably tied to native imagery with the tomahawk everywhere. If they were to dump that and go for a full rebrand away from the historical look they currently wear and tie into another type of "brave" the name might be salvageable. If they insist on maintaining most of the historic look like the Indian/Guardians did, then the Braves will almost certainly need a new name long term and keep the overall colorway and basic uniform layout like the Guardians did. I think it comes down to which is more important for maintaining historic ties, the name or the look. Guardians went with look. Same would apply to the Blackhawks for much of the same reason. Either go full rebrand with black hawk birds or something military themed since they claim it's a reference to a military unit while maintaining the name. Or drop the native head and other related logos while keeping the rest of the identity/colorway and rename. Same with the Chiefs. Either complete rebrand to a different kind of Chief, or drop the arrow logo and rename while maintaining the colors and unis as they exist now. I don't expect the above to happen quickly as there is a little more room for debate among some circles about how offensive each of these are. Though that said I've seen most of the folks who went after Washington and Cleveland lumped these 3 into the same boat for much of the same reason so I don't think there's a ton or room for debate. I think a good example of how something like this can be done is to follow the Golden State Warriors example. They quietly removed all reference to the Native imagery of their own 50 years ago, soft rebranded completely away from it, and other than one post on twitter a half dozen years ago by Carmelo Anthony, I've never seen anyone bother them about their name again. I think the above 3 would need a slightly more invasive soft rebrand given they're under a lot more scrutiny now than the Warriors were 50 years ago, maybe new colorways and new qualifiers such as Firechiefs or Black Hawks.
  9. Are we thinking Big XII partition/disillusion is the far more likely outcome rather than the Big XII trying to save itself and acquire replacements?
  10. I mean I've been questioning the validity of both gymnastics and figure skating as "sports" for years. I'm not a fan of anything that's primary scoring component is completely subjective. Not to say they're not all incredible feats of athleticism. But so is Circe du Soleil.
  11. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd type in a million years... "The San Diego Padres are skirting with the luxury tax threshold after their latest acquisition of MLB's leading hitter, 2B Adam Frazier" We must've stepped through the looking glass.
  12. If that were true however, what was driving the managerial class as you call them to make the change
  13. Is anyone else reporting an issue with certain ads causing problems with the forums. Specifically you'll be typing and when an ad loads, usually in one of the side spaces, the cursor on the forum section will deactivate like you've clicked away from the comment window and you have to click the cursor back into place to resume typing? It's only started happening recently.
  14. First I'd heard that... How the :censored: is baseball (and softball) not an Olympic sport... but breakdancing is now a "sport" for 2024 along side such "sports" as synchronized swimming and skateboarding.
  15. I mean it was 35 years ago. But I don't recall any real pushback. If anything the Braves went from a somewhat disjointed and odd lighter blue look back to their more classic style look so it was part of an overall big upgrade in brand. That and it happened quietly and organically as I recall. If Wahoo hadn't been in the movie, the new ballpark, and the logo during the Indians sudden 90's resurgence and instead just part of a quiet rebrand or brand adjustment in the mid to late 80's... we'd not be having half as many conversations about the Indians name today. Hell the Indians would likely be in the same boat as the Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks. There'd be calls for a change, but they'd be far more muted as they are for those 3 teams, compared to the furor over (Washington Football Team) and the overall Indians package thanks to Wahoo. I mean I think Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks (and the two MiLB Indians teams) all have an expiration date in the not too distant future. But I think you'll see those teams continue to resist a change for some time to come, with half measure such as banning the tomahawk chop and further banning of periphery things as you've seen already in KC, as well in part because they're not just in your face slurs and racist caricature.
  16. I think both helped. We can try and debate which helped keep Wahoo around longer, but fact is, both helped make him somewhat socially acceptable for far longer than other similar logos. I mean think about when the screaming brave was retired in Atlanta, 1987 which I believe was the last one to go in Major sports before Wahoo. Major League the movie came out 2 years later and made the Indians brand including Wahoo "cool". Then the Indians got good and Major League 2 came out starting in 1994. Further giving Wahoo legs. I think you take either of those away and there would have been an even bigger push to can him back then when other teams were ditching the last of the blatantly racist caricatures.
  17. They're always a :censored: to watch when they're on a opposite side of the world time zone. I mean most of the results get spoiled for the bigger events the second you view ESPN or other sports sites to find out how your MLB team did today. Kinda takes the joy out of watching if you know what's going to happen in advance.
  18. And so it begins... https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/oklahoma-texas-make-first-official-move-toward-joining-sec/TDBSBQXG7ZFIPCUOMPCVNYRNJY/
  19. Man between this, the Niners bringing back the '94 look, the Rams fixes, the Edmonton Elks rebrand... it's turning out to be a good football uniform year. Nice contrast with MLB where it's been one :censored:show after another this season.
  20. I mean I'm 40 and I remember the same thing from the 80's. And I didn't drink back then. I mean Wahoo was the of a wide range of blatantly racist caricatures around the major sports. The fact he survived so far into the 21st century is just mind boggling quite frankly. And honestly I think that's part of why the Indians name itself caught so much heat. It wasn't just that the name was bad in and of itself, it was, but it was bad in the way Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, Eskimos, etc... were bad. But it coexisted so long with the blatantly racist Wahoo that it was intimately linked to Wahoo and IMO elevated to a level like Washington's former name, despite not being an unarguably slur like Washington's former name. That said, I fully expect there will continue to be a market, however diminishing, for Wahoo merch for many years to come. But that it will eventually be mostly if not completely black market. And that it may not last forever. I mean you don't really see the screaming Brave or the basketball playing native Warrior logo on merch anymore. Wahoo will eventually fade as those that can't give it up are shamed away from it or just naturally die off.
  21. I'm not going to lie. I thought skateboarding being an Olympic discipline was a joke. Opinion hasn't changed, but I'm glad it's there if it's going to produce gold medal content like this... Bravo!
  22. No, and no. Doesn't help that I lost my access to NBC Sport recently and there's no way I've found to watch much of anything. But honesty between no spectators and the majority of the country hosting the games actively opposed to them... I'm failing to see why they're even being held.
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