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Mid-1980s Mississippi St. uniforms


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Anyone know how long State wore these?


I'm not sure about the rest of the uniform, but according to The Helmet Project the helmet design was worn from 1979-1985. Based on the facemasks in the painting, the uniform was worn at least from 1979 (player on the left has the "bent" style mask from the late 1970s) through 1982 (player on the right has an early double bar mask).


Those uniforms looked pretty similar to what I remember Texas A&M wearing in the mid-1970s. I took a quick look and found that Emory Bellard was the head coach at Miss. State from 1979-1985. He came to Miss. State from Texas A&M, where he was coach from 1972-1978. Looks like he brought that jersey style with him, and they probably wore them all through his tenure at Miss. State.

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never seen those uniforms before, but here are a few observations:

- what is the date on your program? i know that this was not what emory bellard's teams wore regularly during his tenure as head coach. i have picture from the '80 and '81 season showing they wore just plain maroon jerseys with white numerals (no striping on the shoulders). all pictures i have from teams from the bellard era used the same uniforms.

- was this program from the infamous 'hand of god' game? were you there? i believe that game would've been 1983.

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I believe they wore these for three years 1983-85 during the last three years of Bellard's rein there. He had Texas A&M dressed like that except with white helmets.

Bellard had a thing for that collar-to-sleeve stripe style, he used it in the high school and college ranks.

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